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Be Your Best Selfie

What do you do when your selfie isn’t reflecting how hot you actually look? We all been there but now I have the answer…

Take the Best Selfies

Hello to all of my beauties and how are you all today? I hope you are well as I know I have been a little absent for a couple of weeks. During that time, however, I upped my best selfie game and product picture taking by tenfold. Have you seen the ring lights that are available for selfies? You may have seen a YouTuber (Zoella loves hers) or Kim K using her light up (but ugly) phone case.

Best selfie light

We’ve all had that moment when we look bomb but the lighting is not doing its job. The selfie is just not cooperating with how cute you look today. Worst thing ever!!! We deserve the best Selfie!! Well, we are here to save the day because look what we found!!!!!

Best selfie

This is the amazing Radiance Ring that I recently found and am loving. For so many reasons and tricks. So let’s go guys.

The Best Selfie

They have a full-size range available too but these Mobile minis are obviously made for selfies and it works amazingly well. Let’s start with the fact it attaches to any and ALL cameras. Thanks to the little bull clamp style grip you can literally clamp it onto any model phone. As I stated above the light-up cases are ok but they pretty bland and boring. Just pop this little light in your bag and whether it’s a night out or a wedding your selfies will be dope. Just pop and snap!


The light really frames your face well and leaves little room for shadow when looking straight on. This helps skin appear fresher and lighter. Shadows are the devil’s daughter after all. I noticed the real difference around my eyes though. Being a mum of two, black under eye bags are real. They can sometimes appear sunken in selfies due to the discolouration added to the shadowing. This light helps to alleviate that and it really does work.

Besides the Best Selfie?

So thanks to the radiance ring your selfies are on fleek. So, hang on a minute. Can I use my radiance ring for anything else? Well yes, you can. Want a pic of your meal but the ‘romantic’ lighting at the restaurant isn’t working? Radiance Ring! Need that bomb pic for your gram of your fave beauty product? Radiance Ring! Perfect lighting for your flat lay? Radiance Ring!! Taking pics late at night? Radiance Ring girl! I’m so excited to start posting pics to my Instagram now. I’ve held back until I got this post up but I am so excited. The quality and mood of the pictures are upped by 100% by using this technique. A little halo light around that Angel in your products collection. Perfect.

Why I HAD To Have One?

The second I saw this little beauty I knew how invaluable it would be for me. Whether it’s the perfect lighting for my profile picture. I mean I want to look nice like everyone else (despite what I sometimes post on social media, I’m not afraid to bear it all that’s for sure). Whether I notice a great nature snap whilst I’m out but the lighting isn’t quite right. My Radiance Ring is there to save the day. With that in mind, every picture I took in this post was achieved using the Radiance Ring. You can see what is able to achieve and the best selfies really are just the start.


Who Should Use Them

EVERYONE!! I mean that. If you’re a fan of a good selfie get one. You’ll love how much the quality of your selfies is amplified. Bloggers you NEED this for all the amazing selfies whilst travelling or for those product shots. You will not be disappointed. Your mum, ok I’m just rambling now but you know what I mean. Great gift for your selfie-obsessed little sis for her birthday. For the ladies man who also snapping pics with cute girls. It’s a winner for everyone.

Radiance Ring also offers some larger models of their light rings which would be perfect for makeup artists, beauticians, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers. Or as an alternative lighting system for doing your makeup. Like I can’t even explain how amazing it lights your face for makeup. I mean there’s a reason people use them for their online videos. Why let the celebs have all the fun……get yourself a radiance ring and bag that perfect picture. For only £12 they really are a steal and so worth It! Selfie game on fleek!

Keep an eye out on my social media pages (especially Instagram) for the pictures I’ll be posting there (I’ll tag Radiance Ring so you know the ones). Until then keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway coming soon as we missed May. We can’t have that at all! What we thinking double for June? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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