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Skin Problems, Red Spots and How You May Be Making it Worse

The top 5 ways you could be making your spots worse

We all want flawless skin right? We clean, we tone, we scrub and squeeze. However, could you be making your skin problems worse? Are you causing those unsightly red spots by treating them? Could you be making your skin problems worse?

From using the wrong products to being so rough. There are so many factors that go into making your skin healthy and also stop it from being. From the inside to the outside, it’s all important. From what you eat and drink to what products you use. Plus the added extras you never knew were bothering your skin. Let’s take a look at these great tips.

Skin problems how to get rid of spots

Top Five Ways You Could Be Making Your Spots and Skin Problems worse…

Skin problems how to get rid of spots
Skin problems how to get rid of spots
problem skin how to get rid of spots
problem skin how to get rid of spots
problem skin how to get rid of spots
how to get rid of spots
how to get rid of spots

Summer is on the way and skin problems should not be on your list of worries! Follow these simple tips and you will notice a marked improvement in the condition of your skin. It’s not always about how to get rid of spots but how to stop them from appearing in the first place. Preventative measures are always the best.

With Summer just around the corner dry, dehydrated and flaky feet need not be a problem either, You can check out this great post and find everything for perfect feet this summer. Keep it soft, supple and perfect for summer.

So there you have it my loves, flawless skin for Summer and you can wave goodbye to spots and problem skin. Which of these are you doing? Which are you not? Let us know in the comments below my lovely. Also, feel free to hit that share button as we all know someone who suffers from problem skin and could use a hand to feel super confident this Summer. Or you can share the post via Facebook.

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13 thoughts on “Skin Problems, Red Spots and How You May Be Making it Worse

  1. My hair is always in my face. I noticed it causes spots on my chin 😣😣 but your right I don’t really know my skin type I just guess lol I’ll try one one the skin care quizzes xx

  2. I had not really thought about hair being a contributing factor but it makes sense! My hair is also pretty dry but its my type! Still gets oily though.

  3. I love the graphics you made for this post!
    And I bet a lot of people don’t realize that their pillowcases can contribute to acne, too

  4. oh wow, I just realized I’ making some mistakes on my face spots, while reading your post. This really helps

  5. Great tips girl. I still get breakouts!!! And they’re so annoying. I try to be as make-up free as often as I can. And I never go to sleep with makeup. I also wash my face morning and night and to take off make up if I’m out. I need to exfoliate more though to get rid of the dead skin.

  6. Wow, this is truly helpful, especially for those that are really having problems with their skin. I really admit that I’ve done some of these things and didn’t know that my skin problem will get worse. I also let my friend read this since I find it very helpful. A great reminder as well! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  7. Oh goodness! This is good to know. No one wants to make the spots worse, and skin is so important for how we look and feel.

  8. Love the layout. Anyhow, I feel like I break too many skincare rules! I have sensitive skin so I have no choice but to use only mild products. Been working for me so far. Bottomline is, we all have different skin types and we must adjust accordingly. Tips on point! 😉

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