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My recent trip to Lush Blogger Easter event Part 2

A few weeks ago I attended my first blogging event with Lush. If you haven’t checked out part one of this blog you can do that by clicking the link. The long and short is a couple of weeks ago I was very fortunate to attend a preview and sample night of all the new Mothers day and Easter 2018 LUSH collections. Being a huge Lush fan (check my beauty category for my MANY posts) but to attend a Lush event for my first blogging event! I have never felt more like a blogger, to be honest. Which sounds cheesy I know but it’s true.

Funny story sidetrack, on the way my bestie asked what it was we should expect from the event. I looked her dead in the eye and answered “I don’t know, never done anything like this before”. (Lol) So, my advice in these scenarios is just going for it loves and learn as you go. Jump right on in.

Lush Bath City

The event took place inΒ LUSH BathΒ (the city not your bathroom). This is not only an incredible store as it is set up so well. There is a LUSH kitchen in one corner, bath items in another. A perfect gift section and a gorgeous SPA on the bottom floor. Yes, a SPA (that is in part 3). So, the store itself is just beautiful with lots of little touches throughout that give it a homely feel.

However, let’s discuss this first blogging event. What was learnt, what I enjoyed the most and what I would do differently next time. From a bloggers point of view. That way we can all make the most of our blogging events.

What To Learn From A Lush Blogging Event

The first thing that was learnt was that blogging events are really fun! A great place to meet new people and try new products. That alone is a bloggers dream. I also learnt that it is good to know what you want to gain from the event. I knew I was going to be taking as many photos as I possibly could. This event, for my readers, needed to be really visual. This way you’re able to share all the amazing new products with everyone.

Equipment Check

Make sure your camera has new batteries and spares. Also, make sure to charge your phone and clean all lenses on your equipment. I learnt, personally, to take your time. My bestie and I managed to get to try most of what was available to try. This is because we took our time and didn’t rush around as fast as we could. We also had some great chats with the LUSHIES who work there to find out all the inside knowledge. Again, this was simply because we took our time.

Charisma Is Key

I also learnt that you need to take your A-game charisma with you to blogging events. This was easy as I was buzzing for my first official blogger’s event so I used that energy. You don’t want to come across as drab and boring though. I mean you’re a blogger after all and bringing life to an article is your job really. So, be sure to bring some great energy with you to these events. It will make the experience so much more enjoyable and others will see it.


The final lesson learnt was an obvious one most know anyway. Putting it into practice at this event was great though and that is to introduce yourself and your blog. Also, taking The time at the end of the evening to say goodbye and thank you. The whole night I was ‘Tahnee from Tahnee’s Blog’ (lol). I wanted everyone to know that’s what I am representing and hopefully, they’ll have a look themselves. As said above, taking the time to say goodbye and thank you is really important. Be gracious and grateful for the opportunities your given. Tell people you are too. I left with a hug from the very lovely Tori so my night was beyond complete!

How to Get More From the Lush Event?

My plans of blogging are not changing any time soon (nearly two years now) so I wanted to look at what could have been done differently in the future and I have a few notes.

First of All, I would remember to take a notebook. Now, this sounds so obvious but you’re like “Nah won’t need one” got my camera right? Well, as it turned out, wrong! I found myself needing to take notes a lot. Next time just take a trusty pad and pen that way you can write notes so you don’t miss anything.

I would also take note of the posts I am hoping to gain from the experience. Whether that is social media or blog posts. This way you can really tailor the post to your audience. You will already know what they’re looking for and can deliver. Even better if you ask your audience what they want to see before you go. You can really make the most of your opportunity doing this. I will be more organised next time for sure.

More Blogger Events?

I think it’s safe to assume that I was hyped for this bloggers event. Not only was it a LUSH event but I really learnt a lot about bloggers events. Myself as a blogger and where I can and need to improve.

I am so ready for my next bloggers event where I can bring you guys amazing new products, companies and so much more. So, watch this space my lovelies as I’m working so hard be hun the scenes to bring you better content (Superdrug exclusives coming soon eeeek).

Have you ever attending an event like this even if you’re not a blogger? Tell me all about it in the comments below my love. Tell me what you learnt from it.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

15 thoughts on “LUSH LOVERS – Part 2

  1. I love Lush! Such an amazing place. What exactly is the point of a blogging event and how do you go about attending one? Thank you!

    1. The point of this event was to showcase their Easter and Mothers Day range. I would look for local blogging groups in your area and also send an email to the company and ask for any details. Do they have a list you could be put on? Xxx

  2. OMG so so lucky you. Invited for a lush event. One of my favourite brands. Love Lush.Looked so so much fun. The pics look great and u surely had such a fantabulous time. Keep participating and keep blogging

  3. Ineed, saying tahnk you and good bye is very important. Everyone has different point in blogging but I believe sticking to one way is the best idea. Thank you for sharing your thought Tahhnee from Tahnee’s Blog πŸ˜›

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