how to pamper yourself

How To Pamper Yourself

Lush, Facemasks, Massages and more for a perfect Easter pamper and how to pamper yourself!

Welcome my beauties to a very special post dedicated to you! Yes, that’s right! Whether you are the tired mama who has had the kids on Easter break. Or the lady that has been at work all week but how to pamper yourself this Easter? We are sharing with you the ultimate Easter treat for yourself. A huge Easter pamper special with everything you’ll need. There is another last year too and you can check that out here. Really go all out for yourself. Here are some brilliant recommendations for an Easter treat to help you relax after a stressful and busy holiday period.

How to Pamper Yourself With Lush

how to pamper yourself

It’s always fun opting for one of their Easter specials of course! Here are two versions of ‘Creme Egg’ (you can see the third here). Such a delicious and indulgent bubble bar in such vibrant and uplifting colours. It’s sure to lift your mood even before you put it in the bath. As you can see the vibrant yellow of spotty is so bright and bold. Coupled with the blue and pink spots it shouts Easter and energy. The Marbled version is a moody twist of deep blue and pink. Such a relaxed vibe from this egg.  Each egg turns the water into different colours and these little beauties were green and purple.

The peppermint scent that it has is subtle once in the bath and leaves you feeling revitalised but also relaxed. Your skin is left feeling soft and cared for. Soft, supple and really well nourished. The eggs bubble really well. So, grab one of these and enjoy a super indulgent Lush Easter Bubble bath!

How to Pamper Yourself With Candles

No relaxing bath is complete without some beautiful candles. The gentle lighting really adds to the atmosphere and even better if they smell divine. I used a small ‘Pomegranate Coconut’ candle. The coconut makes it creamy and soothing. Whilst the pomegranate adds a burst of zingy, sweetness. Refreshing and invigorating it was the perfect partner to create an ultimate easter bath experience. This one was only about £2 in Asda.

Face Care

perfect pamper face mask

Once you are done relaxing in your wonderful bath (wine is optional but encouraged) you should take care of your skin in true Easter style. A great go-to face mask is the 7th heaven range. I, also, tried two of the masks this easter. Sometimes your skin really needs extra care and attention.

Manuka Honey

We have the ‘Manuka Honey’ peel off. Perfect for problem skin, spotty oily and just in need of some extra TLC. The peel-off works to unclog pores and lift dead skin cells whilst the honey nourishes and hydrates the skin. Great for bad skin after all those choccies.

It smelt very strongly of honey. So, sweet and natural which was just yummy. It left my skin feeling really clean without drying my skin out which is great. Having combination or dry skin you should be careful about over-drying your skin. This will damage the skin and cause excess oils. This means, eventually, spots! I found this mask to be very gentle and not to tight either. Great if you’re having a little outbreak.

Coconut Cream

The ‘Coconut Cream’ mask was by far my favourite though. The smell was absolutely divine and so fresh. Exactly like fresh coconut which is just beautiful and had such a natural vibe. It applied well and evenly which is crucial to a relaxing face mask. Being of a thick consistency it didn’t run anywhere and didn’t drip everywhere. Once it was washed off my skin felt amazing. Not only did it feel clean but also fresh and soft. My cheeks literally felt like a baby bottom! SO, so soft


lush honey bear

After your face, it’s time to take care of your body. If you’re feeling extra indulgent why not try the ‘Honey Bear’ massage bar from Lush? A heavy but warming and encapsulating aroma. Caramel-scented using cocoa and shea butter as well as dark chocolate, amongst other beautiful scents it really is the best Easter treat for yourself. Give yourself a nice hand massage or arm massage and feel extra chilled. You will need to rinse well as this will leave skin oily, it has massage oils in it!

palmers cocoa butter

Next, grab some Palmer’s ‘Cocoa Butter’ to slather on and you will be in your Easter element. The most indulgent Easter treat you’re ever had! Smelling creamy and sweet like hot chocolates at Christmas! It really is the perfect finish to a little Easter pamper and leaves your skin so soft. A little greasy but adding a little talc can dry that up or just let it soak in. Either way, your skin will be gorgeous afterwards.

Now, you can put your feet up stick on a movie or your soaps. I can promise you, you will feel the most relaxed you have felt in a long time. Plus, after all the craziness that is Easter now. Whether you’ve had some crazy shifts, the school holidays are kicking your butt. Or if you damn well deserve it This really is the perfect Easter pamper and how to pamper yourself this Easter season. Do you have a go-to Easter beauty treat? Will you add any of these? Let us know in the comments below or over on my Facebook or any other of my socials.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

27 thoughts on “How To Pamper Yourself

  1. Those lush egg bubbles look amazing, so much fun and peppermint, different! They make some amazing products but what I really love is how you can smell the shop from about 10 metres away! Happy Easter.

    1. Then yes Kasia, I am giving you strict instructions to have a pamper evening soon. That’s almost as good as a doctor’s note 😉😉 xx

  2. Ha! I have lush bubble bath bombs. I always want to distress during weekend followed by facial mask. I feel rejuvenated and fresh after my pamper session 🙂

  3. These are too cute! I love this idea! As a mother of a kindergartener and a 7 month old baby, the moment to pamper yourself are rare. This definitely looks like something I could even have my daughter to help me with. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You always know what the cuttest things are 😀 Love those little eggs ! I used to make little carrots from modeling clay for earrings.

  5. Wow, I’m amazed with how you were able to discover things like this. I haven’t seen something like this before and would love to pamper myself this weekend as I’ve been doing a lot of tasks previously. I love this idea of mollifying myself, thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. Lush is one of my fav product ! x)) Sadly I didn’t get to try out the easter edition’s bubble bath

  7. Colorful products and lush pampering. Sounds great. And looks nice for celebration.

      1. Did you know that you can send back empty lush containers and they’ll refill them for you? They’ll do it in North America for some products 🙂

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