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Happy Healthier You

Looking to be the best you you can be. Body as well as mind? It’s all here….

Superdrug’s Some Body
New Range

Hello, all of you beautiful people! How are you all today? Here’s hoping you are feeling better than I have been lately. It has been illness upon illness lately and I have been out of action resting for a while. I am, however, feeling a bit better so hopefully on the road to a full recovery. How would you like to be a happy, healthier you?

One thing that has been really helping me throughout these illness’ is the amazing new health and wellness range from Superdrug, called Some Body.  Aimed more towards keeping you fuller for longer with ingredients your body will appreciate. But mainly focusing on promoting a healthy mind, body and lifestyle. They kindly sent me over a few products for me to try and I am going to explain why I wanted to try it. How I have been using it and if it’s actually any good.

Superdrug Some bofy

Happy, Healthier You and Happy Healthier Me

Initially, before all the sickness, I had one key reason for wanting to try it. My weight. Pointing out that I am coming from the other end of the spectrum here. Representing a large portion of women who don’t really have a voice or don’t feel they’re allowed. Being a super skinny (and petite) person who does not have an eating disorder or medical reason for my extremely slender frame. In fact, my appetite has always been huge and it’s 100% a dessert before dinner kinda moment over here.

Much to the envy of many people. This girl can eat what she likes and doesn’t put on any weight. Not getting away from terrible skin because of bad eating habits though. Not getting off scot-free because that’s not fair. I would, however, like to be a little curvier and have a more womanly figure though. A great place to start would be adding some extra healthier snacks to the day. When you want to gain weight it is healthier to try and gain lean weight. So, the whey and protein will help aid in putting on this lean fat needed. This means you can also replace the processed fats you might consume with these products instead. Not forgetting to stress NOTHING like this will work properly for you if your normal diet isn’t a varied, healthy diet.

The Range

So, here is a good look at everything I was sent. We have the Chocolate protein powder. There is also a Salted Fudge Bar and finally this really cool Sweat Smile Repeat Bottle. I want to start by mentioning how reflective the packing is. Clean but bright and full of energy. I also am in love with the slogan on the bottle. It makes you feel motivated as your shaking your shake!

happy healthier you

Snack Bars

As I mentioned above I am a dessert before dinner kind of girl and I was no different here and tucked straight into the Salted Fudge Protein Bar. Firstly the smell was so divine. Deep, rich and cakey it really did get my mouth watering. Always a good sign with health-conscious food. Although the texture was very dense it wasn’t a heavy snack. Moist and moreish the sweetness of the fudge is so delicious. Leaving a salted aftertaste to help recline your urges for more sweetness. I also found it to be appropriately filling. I didn’t find I wanted another snack and I didn’t feel it was too much. This is a go-to snack to pop in your bag for on the go mums, my lovely gym bunnies or for at work.


Now, the first time I tried the shake I braved it bare. Yes, you read that correctly just the powder and some almond milk. To be fair it was fine. A little bit of the strange protein aftertaste but the cocoa really is nice and sweet and almost enough to cover it completely. To help it along though, for my second shake, I added some honey and chia seeds.

happy healthier you

The shake is so easy to make just add your milk or water. Add your scoops then add your honey and chia seeds. That’s all you need to do to have a perfect on the go beverage. It will not only help fill you up in between meals but paired with the protein bar is pure delight.
I love how easy and tasty it is that it’s easy to forget it’s really good for you. With the added benefits of the honey and chia seeds, I am feeling the energy already.

happy healthier you

Happy, Healthier You on The Go

The bottle, for me, is just so useful though! The scoops from the powder fit inside the top and once you have finished a shake rinse well and fill with water. It is not only helping me consume my shakes and aiding my health. but has become a valid reminder to drink more water. With its catchy slogan, how can I not feel ready to better my health and wellness?
Super easy to clean so you don’t end up with a gunky lid and wide enough to get a sponge in. I have to say it is one of my favourite bottles to date. Just so handy for day to day trips regardless of where you are. Meaning no more excuses for chips for lunch (lol).

Superdrug’s Some Body

Superdrug has a wide range of products available in the Some Body range and I am not done trying them yet! Next, I think I will give the detox tea a try. I love tea and having a healthier alternative would be good.

So, whether you’d like to lose weight or even gain weight. The Some Body range is a great range to try. Having only been testing it for a couple of weeks there yet to be any physical results. But I am less hungry and snacking less junk food and feel more satisfied when I eat a good meal. I will keep you guys posted on my progress so be sure to check my social media pages. Have you ever tried anything like this? Are you wanting to become a happy, healthier you? Let us know in the comments below or over on the socials.

Thank you so much to Superdrug for sending this over to me. Hopefully, I can have a bum for summer this year now!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

22 thoughts on “Happy Healthier You

  1. Oh nice. I haven’t heard of this brand. Wonder if it’s available in Canada. I love protein shakes esp. in the summer when you’re more active. The bars are also a great idea when you’re on the go. I hope you accomplish your goals Tahnee. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress girl.

    1. Thank you so much Kasia. Im sorry i dont think delivery is available in Canada but I’ll be sure to pass on that there is an interested market their! Xxx

    1. This is Superdrug new brand crystal. So its a highstreet store but here is a full list of ingredients for you

      Product Information
      The Superdrug Some Body Natural Protein Bar is perfect for those looking to manage their weight, seeking a healthy lifestyle or to keep them fully fuelled pre workout.
      The delicious Cocoa and Orange flavoured snack is hard to resist, convenient, high in protein, has a low calorie count, low in sugar and is soya and gluten free.
      You can also pick up the snack bar in a guilt free Salted Fudge!

      Protein bar that combines the power of several rich protein sources into one smooth, great-tasting snack.

      Delicious 100% natural bar

      Product Specification
      Ingredients: chopped dates, cashews, currants, cocoa powder (6.8%), cacao nibs, whey protein concentrate (4.7%), cacao butter, rice flour, soya lecithin, natural orange flavour (0.8%).

      Free from artificial colours and flavours and sweeteners, Gluten and Soya. 100% natural with NO added sugars.

  2. I really like this. I am also quite petite and I remember rumors circulating around school that I was anorexic. I’ve accepted that I’m smallish in frame, but I’m enjoying bulking up my muscles with pilates and yoga. I’ll have to try your protein drink!

  3. I have never tried such things like proteins in powder. Does it really work? isnt it harmful for the body to take artificial proteins?

    1. It could be if its not as an addition to a healthy diet. But i eat well and still cant put on any weight so for someone like that this is great. X

  4. Dude!! Sounds yummy! As soon as I give birth to this child of mine I will start training and I need a decent protein shake. I now have to figure whether they sell it in Greece. Otherwise you might have to send me some!

  5. Wow, I think this is so timely as I’m looking and searching for a product like this. I actaully haven’t heard about some body and reading your post seemed that this product is really working well. The fact that you’re less hungry and snacking less and feel more satisfied when you eat a good meal, this must be something I should try. Thank you so much for the very well written product review.

  6. I love dessert before dinner, too. Ha! And what fun products to share. Thanks! 🙂

  7. My metabolism is accelerated and I also do not get fat. to my joy 😂 but even so I think it’s beautiful who takes supplements and tries to have a healthy routine. I also only usually eat unhealthy things but I want to try to change my eating habits.

  8. Thanks for speaking for petite/skinny girls! At the end of the day, no matter what shape or size, we all have to feel happy about our own body before accepting anyone else’s opinion 😉

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