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A great campaign to help combat sexual violence and vunerability

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The Ask for Angela Campaign is such a useful tool for people on a night out, on dates or in any public situations, that feel they may turn into a difficult situation. Or you are clearly on a date with Hannable Lecter and could use some help. It has really gained alot of attention in the past year. Being featured on many mainstream online new outlets and I recently saw a viral video on Facebook. It is also mentioned on many official police sites, including the Met Police website.


So, what is the Ask for Angela initiative? It’s something that everybody should know about and today I am taking the time to share what I think will be a very successful initiative. Due to the fact there is nothing else like this that I know of? Please let us know in the comments below if I am wrong about that. But here in the UK I don’t know of any other initiative like this.

This scheme has been put in place in many locations across the Uk and hopefully all of it by 2018. It is to help reduce sexual violence and vulnerability by providing a non-descript phrase to ask for assistance from staff. So, if your date does start to take a turn for the worse. Or Bump and grind Gary is not understanding the word ‘NO!’. You can simply ask the staff for ‘Angela’. From this you can be removed from what could become a distressing situation. Given assistance by trained staff if you need it.


A taxi cab to take you home can be provided. If they also feel that the police need to imformed they can help you with this also. I have to say I think this is just wonderful and, sadly, to needed in todays world. We’ve all the met the type of person who is a little full on a night out for example. Just trying there luck a little to much. Then we have met those people who make your hair stand on end and you keep an eye on for the rest of night. If you do feel that you’re in danger of any kind. There is now a solution to ‘Ask for Angela’ and go out the back door and jump in a cab, safe on your way home. This is not, of course, gender specific, so males can also use this initiative should they feel vunerable.

You should find posters for this initative in toilets around clubs and pubs through out 2018. I know most dates go ‘well’ (yes Nigel wasn’t the one but he wasn’t a creeper) with no feelings of fear or worry. Perhaps nerves in the toilet beforehand but….(ok ewww) but you know what I mean. Dating is meant to be fun and happy, even if doesn’t work out you can stil have a great time.


On a night out pulling this could become an invaluable piece of imformation that could really help. Remember my loves have fun and stay safe.

Lots Of Love,

Tahnee xxx

9 thoughts on “Ask For Angela

  1. Whew. It’s so hard to think that ladies have to navigate like this, but there are those guys out there who are less than nice. Glad you are helping with awareness! 🙂

  2. Hi Tahnee
    I created ask for angela. Just some background. It was named after a woman who was murdered by her husband ‘Angela crompton’ she was a friend of my best friend and I thought to name the code word after her was a nice dedication to her memory.

    If you’d like to know more let me know.

    1. Thank you for commenting! What a wonderful dedication to Angela. I’m sure she’d be so proud to know what was her tragedy may save a life. I would love to talk some more so please click my contact button at the top of the page and send me an email. xxx

  3. This is such a good idea! Especially for those who feel too scared or uncomfortable that their date might find out what’s going on.

    1. I know and I also think it’s a great tool for those suffering long term domestic abuse. It may be the only way they are able to reach out for help x

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