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Unicorn Food Ideas Special – Easter Treats 2018

Let take you to unicorn heaven this Easter…….

Again, I find myself starting this post with an apology. The house has been full of illness and as Mum, I have been in charge of head kisses, fluids and vomit duty! FUN! That is why there has been a lack of content on both the blog and over my social media accounts recently. Hopefully, everything should be back on track by the end of the week. Today let’s share some Easter treats and Unicorn food.

Unicorn Cheese cake

This is a sprinkle-tastic Unicorn food Easter treats for you to make at home. This is a simple Unicorn cheesecake, Unicorn milkshake and some super cute Unicorn biscuits to top it off. YAY UNICORN FOOD! Easter is usually all eggs, bunnies and chicks, however, I wanted to try something a little different. So, if you’re looking for something a little different to the usual or because you just love Unicorns, this is for you.

Unicorn Food Easter Treat

Unicorn Food Cheesecake

Rainbow Cookies,
x4 Packets of Strawberry whip dessert,
Gel colours,
Star Sprinkles,
Unicorn decorations, (I got mine from Sainsbury’s)

  1. Start by lining your baking tin with some greaseproof paper.
  2. Then you can crush the cookies in a bowl until they are all crumbs.
  3. Melt about 100g of butter in a pan and add slowly to biscuits. Mixing well to make sure all the butter is absorbed by the biscuit.
  4. Add this to your tin and set in the fridge.
  5. Now, you want to take one packet of your whip dessert. Using only use 3/4 of the milk required.
  6. Before it sets be sure to add 2 to 3 drops of the colour gel and mix well.
    I chose red, yellow, blue, pink (the original colour) and I mixed red and blue for purple.
  7. Once you have mixed it well you can just layer it as you wish on top of the biscuit base.
  8. I also added a little mound in the centre to decorate with star sprinkles and unicorn decorations because why not?
Unicorn Food Easter Treat

I loved this cheesecake. With the no-bake recipe and the fact it’s so tasty makes this a winner. No bake Easter cheese cake can also include any of your favourite Easter treat. Not to mention it is so quick and easy to make. The kids loved it too so a win all around and everyone’s happy.

Unicorn food Cheesecake

Unicorn Food Thick Shake Milkshake

Ice Cream,
Strawberry or Vanilla milkshake mix,
Colour Gel,
Whipped Cream,
Star Sprinkles,
Unicorn Decorations,

Unicorn Treats Easter Treats
  1. Start by adding ice cream, milkshake mix and 2 drops of your chosen colour gel to your bowl. Mix this together until it forms your milkshake mixture. You want a few colours.
  2. Mix in your milk to make it a milkshake.
  3. Add the colourful mixed to your glass in layers. Top with cream, sprinkles and your unicorn decorations. Add a crazy straw and you have a perfect Unicorn milkshake.

Really tasty so easy but fun to make. Great for washing down your cheesecake.

Unicorn Biscuits

unicorn food ideas

Plain Flour 300g,
Butter 250g,
Caster Sugar 140g,
1 Egg yolk,
2 tsp of Vanilla extract,
Unicorn cutter,
Icing sugar,
Colour gel,
Rolling pin,
Large baking tray,
Greaseproof paper,

  1. Start by adding your sugar and butter in a bowl. You want to cream this together until smooth.
  2. Next, add your 1 egg yolk and your Vanilla extract. Then mix really well. If it becomes a little lumpy just add a tablespoon of flour.
  3. Once you have mixed the egg yolk in slowly add the flour. Keep mixing until it forms a dough. You may need to give it a good knead at the end just to get the last of the flour mixed in.
  4. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees, 130 for a fan oven. Then line a large baking tray with greaseproof paper.
  5. Flour your surface and roll out your dough. Then start cutting out your unicorns. If you find it hard and the dough is sticking in the cutter. Just dip your cutter in some flour before cutting.
  6. Bake them in the oven for no longer than 15 minutes, I found it was about 12 minutes really so keep an eye. They will still feel soft when you take them out the oven but as they cool they will get firmer. They will also maintain a very light colour so you must keep an eye. Then allow them to cool.


  1. While the biscuits are cooling mix up your icing. I used three tablespoons of icing sugar. Two drops of gel colour and then mixed well with a little water. Add this slowly.
  2. Pour this onto a plate. Then when your biscuits are fully cooled Just dip them onto the icing. Make sure to coat the whole biscuit and then allow the biscuits to drip off the excess. Then lay them flat to dry.
  3. To achieve the two-tone colour just mix two colours together on the plate. Then dip and it achieves the beautiful two-toned biscuits.

There you have it my loves. Some easy but tasty Unicorn treats to make with your little ones over the Easter break. Lots of Easter treats to make yourself and enjoy. I am obsessed with the unicorn theme and I hope you love these treats. If you’re looking for more Easter fun check out these cute crafts here. If you give these a go please tag me on my Facebook. Have a fabulous Easter my loves and enjoy your unicorn Easter treats.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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