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Why hello there you rather gorgeous lot! How are you all today? I hope you are all well, happy and healthy? I am doing great at the time of writing this! The warmer weather is coming so all those aches and pains are lifting a little. We are loving the sunny days we’ve been having and it makes me excited for all the days out to be had this year. Saying that also remind me of February’s blogger of the month.

top blogger

More Top Bloggers to Enjoy

The second Blogger of the Month in our Blogger of the month series. I am sharing with you today the wonderful Roses of Life.  Home to great lifestyle post varying from questions of the week to really help you focus on your life and what you need to be doing. To brilliant quotes to draw strength from when times are hard. The personality that shines through each post is always what stands out. You can feel that the posts are coming from a real place, a real person and not just another generic post. Also, sharing great recipes and a variety of natural health posts it really does have something for everyone.

top blogger

Who’s Behind the Scenes?

Enele is the blogger behind the site and she is a character. With a bright and bubbly personality that just shines through each post her blog really is a great place. Self-described as “a psychologist, consumer advocate, writer, content creator, blogger, lover of children and drama, actress, upcoming on-air personality and website designer”. She really is a talented lady that enjoys being educated whilst entertaining.


Best Blog Posts

It really is a great blog with fantastic healthy living for body and mind. I can’t help but share a few posts. The first is Mind on the Month a great look back at her own month, Enele reminds to look back at what the month has given us. How we can use this going forward into the next month. Whilst reminding us, still, of the exciting possibilities of a new month ahead. We sometimes can all use a reminder to look back and be thankful.

The next post I’d like to share is again a great reminder to be thoughtful. ‘5 Virtues to take through 2018’ which as it states reminds us of some brilliant thought processes and mantras to see us through a great 2018. Making sure to gain all we can from it and give as much as we can which is just as important.


The final post I’d like to share is this amazing smoothie recipe. Using lots of natural and fresh fruits to create a really gorgeous sounding smoothie. But also using my favourite watermelon! I love food and even more so when it’s as good for you as this.

There you have February Blogger of the Month so a huge congratulations to Enele and her amazing blog. Be sure to go check it out and show some love. Who would you like to see as my blogger of the month? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Facebook or any of our official social media pages.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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