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LUSH LOVERS Easter and Mothers Day Special

Are you excited about the Mothers Day and Easter 2018 LUSH Collections? Me too!! so much so I couldn’t wait until they launched……..Wana come

Lush Lovers Mothers Day and Easter Preview Part 1

Wow, what a title and are all of my Lush lovers ready? What a week it has been and I am not really sure where to start with these blog posts. Whilst at the same time so excited to get them written and for you to be able them read. So, about last night?

Last night I, along with my bestie Kerry, attended the LUSH Mother’s Day and Easter preview at the LUSH Spa in Bath (yes I said LUSH spa more on that later! wow). Which was so exciting as we got to see and test most of the new Mothers Day products. Not forgetting the much sought after Easter Collection, before they hit the stores tomorrow!

This means we can give you the skinny on all the best gifts available this year. However, this will be broken down into three posts. This is the first post where I get to show you all the great stuff ready for Mothers Day and Easter. The 2nd will be a look at the Spa that the LUSH in Bath City centre has (it’s divine). The third will be looking back at my first blogger event and how exciting it was with LUSH.

mother day and easter 2018

I am going to start with Mothers Day as it’s closest. However, you better be prepared for the number of pictures I have to blow your minds with!
On offer, this year at LUSH is some gorgeous gifts to treat your Mum with. From face masks to massage bars there is something your mum is going to love. Or you can always pop your mum along to a LUSH store for help. The Lushies are amazing and so helpful. This is something you find in every LUSH store and the team at the LUSH spa, Bath, are the best so far. If you’re wanting to surprise your LUSH lover mum, this is a little of what you have to play with.

Massage Bars

lush mothers day lush
lush mothers day collection

The Mother Days special massage bars really are so luxurious. LUSH has really outdone themselves with these recipes. Not all of the bars here are Mother’s Day specials but the one that is the ‘Honey Bear’ and the ‘Melt my heart LOVE’ bar would be great as well. I was lucky enough to try both of these bars last night and they were delish.

The ‘Melt my heart’ bar was light and creamy but for me, the ‘Honey Bear’ stole the show. Smooth and so rich with a blast of honey. Such a beautiful and natural scent with the LUSH “I must not eat it” appeal. It left my skin feeling super soft and super nourished it was just divine. Kerry and I loved it so much we made sure to grab one before we left. I think it was our fave product of the night.

lush mother day collection

Soaps for Lush Lovers

Next, is the beautiful range of soaps they have available. An interesting side note for you. The shape and print of the soap are created using 3d printed moulds.

mothers day lush

It gives them this very uniques design which is just classic LUSH.
You have five to choose from starting with ‘Raspberry Milkshake’, which is simply gorgeous. It had beautiful sweet tones to it whilst still smelling natural and fresh. This left my skin feeling smooth and the floral decoration on the top really adds to this soap.

Next, ‘Lemon Zest’ a zingy and tangy scent. Clean and refreshing smell, leaving your skin feeling lovely. Plus, how gorgeous is that vibrant yellow? Just summer-perfect really isn’t it!

‘Rosebud’, as the name suggests, has a beautiful blast of flower power. Lush have made sure to team this up with a creamy and zingy scent to bring some energy and life into it. Really loved this and love the unique design also.

lush mothers day collection

‘Chamomile Lawn’ was a very subtle scent but lavender brings this warmth to it that just wonderful. Leaving skin feeling supple and healthy and, again, those natural but vibrant colours are just divine.

Last but by no means least we have the beautiful and striking ‘Purple ‘Loosestrife’. Just look at that pink on white. Then with the green tones, it just screams Spring and Mothers Day. Mixing three vibrant floral fragrances with a dash of bergamot creates a warm and uplifting scent. Perfect for any mum after a long day.

Bath Bomb and Bubbles

lush mothers day

How can we talk about LUSH and not mention bath bombs and bubbles? Oh, we’re not don’t worry. So, the two you get a peek at are the ‘Mum look what I made you’ and the ‘Mum in a Spin’. There are lots more available so do pop over to LUSH to see the whole range.

Starting with ‘Mum look what I made you’ and who’s loving this sweet design? The whirlwind colours and awkward cog flower shape. It does have that homemade, made by a child feel. Having two little boys. I love this idea. Something that is a little more suited to little people to give. Super creamy and with a blast of coconut this bath bomb really is paradise.


‘Mum in a Spin’ is a really fun bubble bath spinner. Turning the water pink and enveloping her in scents of lavender and ylang-ylang. I think this is a really fun gift and lasts for ages as it’s a dry bubble bar only activated when placed under running water. Meaning mum can use time and time again! Perfect for all LUSH lovers who want a product to last.

Easter Extravaganza

Yes LUSH lovers, next we have the amazing easter range that LUSH has for 2018. Christmas and Easter are some of LUSH’s busiest times of the year and it’s easy to see why. Who would much rather receive a LUSH gift for Easter than chocolate? We love chocolate but we love pampering more. Alas, it is true so here’s what you can pick from this year at LUSH.

A Lush Lovers Dream, Golden Eggs

lush easter range lush golden egg

Starting strong with the LUSH egg collection and this year there are THREE eggs to choose from. There’s the ‘Golden Egg’ with a mixture of honey and cocoa butter it really is the perfect sweet treat for this Easter. Turning the water a beautiful yellow it really brings the feeling of Spring. A great bath bomb.

There is the ‘Creme Egg’ and this comes in two designs this year which is both equally fab and fun.

lush easter collection lush creme egg

If you’d like to see the other you can find it online at the Lush Store. But I love the vibrant pink and yellow. The creamy centre just adding to decadence. It really shouts look at me. The scent is also dreamy. It’s minty and creamy and just so refreshing and so reminiscent of Spring. Great for busy mums who are always on the go (every mum everywhere). I really loved this one for its cool mint scent.

Bath Bombs and Bubbles

This is what LUSH is known for and they’ve hit it right on the head this year with a fab range. ‘Poisson D’Avril’ is a fish friend perfect for a LUSH bath bubble buddy. With warming cinnamon to banish those winter blues for good. This leaves skin soothed and warm. Adding back all the moisture you lost through the cold months.

Poisson DAvril

The other Bubble bar in this range is the ‘Bunch of Carrots’ reusable bubble bars. A citrus punch with warm and cosy undertones

Easter Bunch of Carrots

These little cuties would be perfect for any age LUSH lover. Give the kids a cute Easter bath. Climb in yourself with a ‘Cupcake’ facemask and really indulge. Absolute Easter bliss.

easter collection cupcake face mask

The ‘Wash Behind Your Ears’ solid shampoo would be a welcome Easter treat in any bathroom. The clashes of yellow and red. Matched with the cute bunny shape it’s Easter perfect. Lush is known for their spot on designs and this is no different! Perfection. Another really fresh scent of citrus for Spring.

wash behind your ears lush easter collection

Getting Naked at Lush?

Have you heard of the LUSH naked shower wash? They are a fabulous shower wash that has no product packaging at all. They really are amazing and obviously much better for the environment

Last night I tested the ‘Here comes the Sun’ Easter shower wash and oh my goodness. Great texture and leaves a little oil on your skin for a soak in and it’s beautiful. Zesty, zingy citrus blasts that just invigorate you.

Starting off the LUSH bath bombs (most peoples fave c’mon) we have ‘Which came first’. Can we just look at this for a second! Bright, vibrant and giving me life! This bomb comes in two designs so check the LUSH site again for the other design. From the pouty pink to the sun kissing yellow. I love it all. Lemon and grapefruit to invigorate and a perfect Easter gift. The smell is just so natural and simple but so beautiful.

easter collection

This next bath bomb actually has three designs this year and the shape is very unique. It’s the ‘Free Rangers’ bath bombs and again these could be a great gift instead of chocolate for the kids. They come in half so you can maximise usage by using them twice. Plus the little chick design is amazing.

LUSH easter collection Free Rangers

The last Bath bomb was actually my personal favourite from the Easter 2018 collection. It’s the very pretty ‘April Showers’ and I loved it from the second I saw it. The gorgeous cloud design with jelly explosions of scented goodness it is my winner!
Kerry received this in the goody bag we were so kindly given by the wonderful team at Bath’s Lush.

april showers easter collection

Boxes and Scarves

You have a carrot box option or the beautiful fish scarf wrap available. Each filled with a surprise selection of goodies. Aiming to delight, please, relax and rejuvenate you. Perfect for Mothers day. Perfect for Spring and Easter renewal. Ah LUSH!

Well, lovelies that is all on today’s blog! PHEW, we made it, holy crap that was a long post but my LUSH was it worth it. So much LUSH goodness for all the lush lovers out there. Will you be out tomorrow morning straight away to make your purchases? What was your favourite item from this year’s collection? Let me know in the comments below and for more of my LUSH blog posts, you can clickΒ here for Think Pink,Β here for SnowieΒ or just search LUSH into my search bar for all my LUSH posts!
Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. I love lush! That is so exciting that you got to work with them as this is such a great opportunity! Congrats πŸ™‚

    1. Had another go with the honey best today it was gorgeous 😍😍😍

    1. So you have the best son then!! I’m sorry your not able to get it as easily as you’d like. Xx

  2. Looks very refreshing, and wow the soaps are so colourful πŸ™‚

  3. I just love LUSH. Their new collections are awesome. I have to get one of those gold eggs.

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