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How to Bring Spring into Your Home

Looking for ways to Spring into your home for 2018? Embrace the season with these top tips xx

Hello to all you beautiful people. How are all today and are you enjoying our journey through Spring 2018? Are you loving the beautiful sunny days we are being blessed with? I am but categorically not enjoying the Spring showers we are experiencing. I know it will be worth it when all the new flowers and tree leaves are awake. But for now, I am trying to focus on the positives of Spring and how we can embrace that around the house. A time of fresh starts, rebirth and renewal. What a fantastic mantra to bring into your home for 2018. Maybe it is just what you’re looking for? So, here are my top 5 tips to bring Spring into your home so you can enjoy it more.

Fresh Flowers to Bring Spring into Your Home


Here is the EASIEST way to just ooze Spring in any room of your home. That is fresh flowers. Choosing pastels colours, bright colours and seasonal flowers are how to really nail this. But any flowers are going to bring the freshness and brightness of Spring. This can be added to any room in your home and is such an affordable way to add those Spring vibes. You could,, of course,, make these fabric flowers or faux flowers if you’re not a fan of fresh. Or perhaps dry some flowers out so they’ll last for years to come.

Paint A Wall


With Spring being the season of renewing, fresh starts and new life. Why not just jump in feet first and add a great, bright feature wall to that room that is lacking. It can add such a lot of character and completely change the look of a room. Adding a bold touch can add warmth and really give a new lease of life without breaking the bank. Get inspired by Spring and perhaps choose a vivid colour to carry you through the year. With paint and brushes setting you back by about £20, it really is a fantastic waý to spruce up for Spring.

Swap Out Room Accessories

Spring Accessories

Like above or adding it to the tip above. This little tip can make a huge difference to any room. However, it is so simple and a great cost-effective way to revamp whole rooms for Spring and 2018 in general. Change cushion covers, a rug, curtains or room accessories. Using floral patterns and natural or pastel tones it will be like Spring dripped onto your home. Bringing life and a fresh start to a drab room but great if you’re on a budget and not looking to spend a fortune.

Bring The Outdoors In


If you’re looking for a big change then why not have a look at bifold door online designer and literally bring the outdoors into the main rooms of your home. Perfect for dewy Spring mornings, crisp summer days and dark snuggled winter evenings. Adding large open doors to your rooms is a huge win. Make the most of a great natural view and fully invite Spring in. The fact the fold back means you can open your space outside also so even better than just French doors.

I’m also wondering how much you might save on electric due to all the light just flooding in? I love a naturally lit room and I know a lot of people who enjoy a morning coffee by a good window to look out of. Or to sit and read next to on a drizzly afternoon. Just stunning and a great way to just move Spring and nature right into the house.

Bring Spring into your Home by Adding Foliage

bring spring into your home

Although I mentioned flowers above I feel that plants have to have their own section. I am actually going to suggest fake plants here as there really is such a great selection out there. I really love fake hanging plants and this is something I am going to be embracing for Spring this year. Easy to keep alive (lol) but really adds an element of nature to your home. It sounds cliched but it really can add life to a dull room. Whilst also adding a really homely but natural feel.  Helping you to really bring in Spring and nature in your home this year.

bring Spring into your Home

These are just a few little changes you can make to really help embrace Spring and 2018. My favourites would be the fake house plants and also the glass doors. I love the idea of combining outside and inside living. What are your favourite things to do to help embrace Spring in your home? Perhaps you don’t but will you try any of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over on my social media pages.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

15 thoughts on “How to Bring Spring into Your Home

  1. These are wonderful tips! They definitely do make it look like spring!

  2. I adore Spring and all things Spring related! This post with all these great tips is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much! My favorite method of bringing Spring home is switching out my plants that hang outside my window with Spring and Summer blossoms so that even when some Spring rains hit and the skies fill with gloomy clouds, colour and joy is still in view 🙂

    1. Yes love this and having recently added flowers I am enjoying the brightness they bring x

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