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Nineties Fashion

Nineties fashion has been getting huge since 2017. Here’s how you can rock all the best 90’s Fashion trends today

Nineties fashion has been such a moment for well over a year. From neon, sportswear to cute crops, dad trainers and now flared jeans. The ’90s is such a memorable era for fashion and it’s so fun seeing so many of the trends I loved making their way back around. Here are a few trends you can wear now.

Oversized Nineties Fashion

Whether it’s jeans, tees, jackets or a shirt. Everything was oversized in the ’90’s trends and we have seen a steady increase in this trend over the years. A favourite, previous purchase for me was my oversized denim jacket and that was because of the nostalgic ’90’s vibes. If you want ultimate 90’s vibes then oversize it, hun.

nineties fashion

The Handkerchief Top

A staple to any trendy ’90’s girls wardrobes was a handkerchief top. Worn in many styles and colours but a very popular choice was paisley patterns. With or without straps. Cropped or a longer cut. The handkerchief top is such a versatile trend.

nineties fashion

Bucket Hats

Yes, that’s right ravers all around the world will be cheering to hear their favourite hat is bang on-trend once again. The bucket hat was a staple of my childhood and I remember buying myself a pink and white tie-dye denim bucket hat from Tammi Girl. Was I the Queen of ‘nineties fashion? Perhaps?

This year they will be a huge Summer must have and that’s great. They’re brilliant for shade and also hiding a bad hair day!

nineties fashion

Plaid, Checks and Tartans

Plaids, checks and tartan shirts were a must for any 90’s trendsetter. Always a little baggy or completely oversized they are cool but comfortable. This trend never really ended and we still love tartan, checks and plaid. They’re the perfect trend for 2021 proving how well this trend stands the test of time. Such an easy trend to rock and suitable for any body type! LOVE IT!

'90's fashion

Fave Nineties Fashion Accessories You Can Wear Today

  • claw clips
  • chokers
  • Alice bands
  • Inflatable ANYTHING! (sofas, chairs, fanny packs and bags)
  • layered/stacked jewellery

Nineties Fashion Inspired Outfit

I have been loving the nostalgic trends coming back into trend and decided to put together my own nineties fashion inspired outfit. Wearing a Boohoo oversized split checked shirt and also paired with some major ’90s vibes accessories. Who doesn’t love a throwback vibe?

The Nineties Fashion Vibes

Checked Shirt

Wanting to throw it right back with the checked oversized shirt. ‘Check’, got it. The clash of black and red gives a nice pop of colour to your outfit. The split check, the miss-matched and almost patchwork ’90s pattern of this shirt is gorgeous. It keeps it a little more new and fresh even though it’s still a trend many people wore in the ’90s. This shirt was bought from Boohoo.

Layered Necklaces

The easiest place to add a lot of nineties fashion elements that can be worn today is in your accessories. Using a double looped choker and a double-layered gem necklace I managed to create this great layered necklace effect with only two necklaces.

choker and rings 90's fashion

Stacked Rings

As stated above layered jewellery in any form was a great nineties fashion trend. With many celebrities, Khloe Kardashian being one, rocking stacked rings more recently. They’re the perfect trend to add to your look for both cute, boho ’90’s throwback and a more recent trend.

Ultimate Nineties Fashion Vibes With an Inflatable Bag

nineties fashion

This bag was actually a purchase I made years ago and I bought it for 1 British Pound, £1, for it in Poundland. Mostly for nostalgia purposes but also knowing that trends come back around. This clear number is a little more subtle and 2021 while still having the major throwback vibes.

The ’90s Inspired Makeup Look

Aiming for two very iconic nineties makeup trends as I wasn’t prepared to make my eyebrows pen line thin! Opting instead to keep eyes very simple with a basic nude base coat and a neutral but darker shade just in the socket crease. Then adding a small thin line of black eye shadow just along the lashes where you would apply your liquid liner. Just to frame them but without being too obvious. Then the obligatory matte brown lip to finish the look. Simple and easy but really cute and such a throwback. You could always go darker with your shade of lip as seen below.

Are you loving the nineties fashion throwbacks that are coming back on trend? What was your favourite ’90’s trend that you wore? I loved white puffer jackets, chokers and combat trousers the most and could probably wear all three again. Let me know yours in the comments below or over on Facebook. Bonus points for pictures if you dare post them.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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