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Nineties fashion has been huge since 2017. But where is it going to go from here?

Fashion Trends 2018 – Cashmere?

Now, I am aware of how conflicting my titles may seem. However, if you have your eye on the fashion game or just have eyes! You can see that nineties fashion is huge and everywhere right now, has been for a minute. My favourites section of nineties fashion is early nineties with tones from the eighties still there.
With that being said I feel there is one nineties trend that never really left but hasn’t been big for a while either and that’s cashmere. From cute crew neck sweaters, cardigans to the ultimate of a cropped long sleeve cashmere sweater. Ah the nineties, so nostalgic.

From Celebs, models to royals cashmere is such a decadent and luxurious material, everyone wants it. Everyone has worn it and styled it into there own personal style. From hats, scarfs to top and jumpers, there is something for everyone. With nineties fashion coming back full steam I see it’s only a matter of time for cashmere to make a huge comeback. After that, it will sit in your wardrobe and become a staple to it. Cashmere can be expensive. So, knowing that you’re investing in a fashion piece that will be wearable for a decade at least. I would say cashmere is worth the investment.

I think the reason it is so popular is due to its versatility. It gives a very homely look to your outfit but keeps it classy and luxe. As we can see from the three styles above cashmere can be worn in such a variety of ways I can see why it is a must-have for so many people. I mean I can’t think of a nineties teen flick that does not have a character rocking cashmere! It just has to come back

I think the one problem that may put people off is the price. Cashmere is produced by using certain fur from certain goats. You can’t just shave a goat and hurray cashmere, it’s a hard material too source. This means that the price of cashmere can be a little steep for some. However, cashmere is that material that has never gone out of style. It can be worn year after year and still be bang on trend. I would invest now and start rocking this trend earlier than everyone else. Add jeans for a cute relaxed look or you can dress it up with heels. This way when everyone else starts rocking the cashmere style you can now you were the trendsetter (lol).


How do you feel about cashmere? Is it that one item you need in your wardrobe? I have been thinking I may need to invest soon myself as I have a cute outfit idea I’d like to try. If you are thinking that you may need some cashmere in your style selection pop on over to I Love Cashmere where they have a fab selection of beautiful cashmere pieces. From clothing for men and women to homeware. You will be in your cashmere element. Let me know in the comments if you have a loved cashmere piece or the ones you’ve always wanted. Is cashmere your thing and are you loving the nineties throwback fashion as much as I am?
Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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