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Yes that right, what is more fitting for the February giveaway then a Valentine’s Day inspired one?

Hello there! Welcome to Tahnee’s Blog! I say that because it seems our number of readers are growing at the moment. This makes me so excited so as a big thank you today you can win with a giveaway. I am aiming for one giveaway a month this year by way of thanks for your continued support. Today’s giveaway is a couple of Valentine’s gifts. It is the month of love after all.

you can win

Valentine’s, The Day of Love

My partner and I don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts, cards or anything material that’s being flogged this time of year. We do, however, make it a day where we put aside the technology for an evening. We have a nice dinner, light some candles and just be together. In such a busy world we sometimes need reminders to stop and spend some time. This is how we see Valentine’s Day. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go all out if Valentine’s Day is your holiday! I go all out on Halloween, Easter, Christmas and the list goes on!

One of the best gifts that you can win or give for Valentine’s Day is of course jewellery. Always such a nice gift to receive as well. You can add it to old looks to really shake it up and change it. Plus the time it takes to pick out really shows that your someone special has really thought about it. Or they’ve seen something and thought of you and that is what really counts.

What Can You Win?

Let’s look at precisely what it is you can win this month, shall we? As you can see you can win not one, not two, not even three but FOUR Valentine’s Day inspired necklaces. Such a great variety and even one you can share with your bestie, mum, daughter.

You Can Win

More on this later. But first……This large key necklace is a great addition to any outfit for so many reasons. Quirky and unusual it will add a focal point any outfit. This would be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or even give away to someone else a gift if you do win (click the share button and tag them on social media).

You Can Win

Next, we have a double bubble. This Valentine’s Day necklace is Guardian Angel Wings. One for you and for your real-life guardian angel. Share it with your best friend, mother, daughter or sister. Whoever it is they will love to know how special they are to you. Don’t worry we’re nearly at how you can win.


The final necklace is the Key to My Heart necklace and again is such a lovely necklace. The two charms are just that, really charming. Very delicate and light it is a great Valentine’s Day inspired necklace. Now we can move onto how you can win these Valentine’s gifts from me to you


How Do I Enter?

  1. Comment BELOW (on this post) who would split your Guardian Angel Necklace with,
  2. Go give Tahnee’s Blog Facebook a little follow,
  3. Like the pinned post.

That is it my lovelies. That is all you need to do to be in with a chance of four gorgeous goodies. Just remember to follow the steps above and you can win! Check out my social media pages where people are starting to post pictures of their Tahnee’s Blog wins. This giveaway is worldwide so anyone and everyone can enter. It will run from today 02/02/2018 until 16/02/2018. Where I will, as always, Facebook Live draw the giveaway so you know there’s a real chance that you can win.
Until then let me know in the comments what you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, do you have plans? I’d love to hear them.
Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

58 thoughts on “You Can Win – Valentine’s Day Gifts

  1. I would split the guardian angel necklace with my Mum šŸ’—. We are the same, we don’t buy gifts but have a meal together (usually m and s valentines deal šŸ˜‚) and a quiet night in. Xxxxx

  2. Beautiful gifts Tahnee. I of course would share it with my beautiful daughter who is also my best friend

  3. I would share mine with my granddaughter she’s 15 and a guardian angel would keep her safe.

  4. My mum, she’s been though alot and doesn’t believe enough in herself. So I’d like to show her she’s special and important to me.

  5. I’d share with my mum, she’s never felt very confident and doesn’t realise how important she is to people. I’d like to show her that she means the world. PS: Facebook is Jessica Bailey

  6. My Guardian Angel of a friend Libby, who is there for me without judgement and can make me laugh even when I’m having a bad day.

  7. With my mom, who is selfless and loves beautiful things, but NEVER buys anything for hersel!

  8. I’d split mine with my mum. She’s just had a heart attack and major heart surgery (on my birthday), but pulled through and is now recovering.

  9. I would split mine with my bf Charles Smith, so we will always have a piece of each other no matter where in the world we may be.

  10. I’d split mine with my mum. She is my guardian angel in real life as she always watches over me and helps me in times of need!

  11. Id love to share with my friend Emma. Friends since school and always on hand to offer each other help and support when needed šŸ™‚

  12. hello my lovelies. I have added everyone here to my giveaway list! Don’t forget to stop by my facebook tomorrow at 7pm for the live draw xxx

  13. I would split it with my Nanna, she’s guided me and been my angel my whole life.

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