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Is your dog the best dressed? They could be with a wardrobe all their own, why not start with a scarf?

Dog Fashion

Hello to all of you beautiful people and how are you today? It is still very chilly here in the UK but we’re seeing some sunshine so it’s heading in the right directions.I hope you are well and ready to talk about fashion. More specifically your four-legged friend’s wardrobe. Yes, we are talking fashion for your dog.For those of you who are not aware I have a dog fur baby of my very own and he is a pug called Doug (AKA Shmeegle). He is crazy and stubborn but he is the dog ever. Definitely, one of the family and not just our dog bless his smushed little face.

Now pugs (amongst other breeds of dogs) have a hard time with their temperature. They can get very cold and hot. They then struggle to bring their body heat back to normal. The only good thing for me is Doug loves to strut his stuff in a cute outfit. His favourite is his red t-shirt.2018-01-25_13.13.37He is also known to rock a hat every once in a while….2018-01-25_13.15.47I mean he is just the most stylish dog (lol).Recently he was sent this gorgeous scarf from the very lovely D and C Pet Couture and just look at it! I mean scarves for dogs!!! They are just too sweet and your dog will look even sweeter in one.

The knit is beautiful and has a gorgeous plated pattern. So rustic and in this gorgeous red your pup can be the dog’s dinner because the other word is rude!The loop on one end allows you to fit the scarf on your dog perfectly. It also means it isn’t always falling off. For dogs like pugs who find it hard to maintain their own body heat, it’s great. It will keep him warm and toasty while being super stylish. What could your fur baby want?2018-01-25_13.21.25They are also available in a variety of sizes and colours so there is something for every dog out there no matter their size. Your cat can even get in on the action!!2018-01-25_13.25.072018-01-25_13.24.11He looks like such a handsome boy and I don’t have to worry about him in the cold. If you, like me, you need to keep a pet warm or you love your pet to have a good wardrobe selection. Then be sure to check out D and C! Now where are the bobble hats!?

Do you dress your dog/animal? Let us know in the comments below. If you do what is their favourite thing to wear?

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Aw!! So cute!! Too bad I have a Rottweiler and they don’t make clothes for them! (not that my husband nor she would like to put her on a sweater lol)

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