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Quality Makeup – Favourites

Great beauty products to try for 2018

Hello you beautiful people and how are you today? How was your start to 2018? Hopefully, it’s been successful already and you’re raring for the year ahead? Today though I am showing you three must-have quality makeup products. The ones you should not do without for 2018. I love makeup that is inexpensive but still great quality. Sometimes you want to spend a little more and we’re here for that too! Regardless, here are three great products to get you looking fab for 2018

Mascara for your Quality Makeup List

quality makeup

Mascara is a huge must-have especially if you haven’t got lash extensions. Eyelashes are everything right now and for good reason! Good lashes make you feel great, right? At the moment I am actually using two. The first is MUA Cosmetics Eye define waterproof mascara. You have to use a good waterproof mascara and have one ready in your arsenal. You don’t want to look like a member of KISS by lunchtime. MUA Eye Define is great and the wand on this mascara is really good. The wand is flexible but strong and the brush is plastic bristle. It really separates the lashes and coats them well. The second is Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara. I use this on my lower lashes only as this has a tiny wand for them. It is perfect and really makes your eye pop. I love the way it frames my eyes.



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Who isn’t a massive fan of some great lip colour? I particularly love mattes as the pigment tends to be better and last longer. Glosses remind me of being 13. Hair sticking to my lips and just a bit too shiny but many people love them and look good in them. The matte colour I am loving the most right now is Posie K  from Kylie Jenner’s, Kylie Cosmetics. The Queen of Lip colour! It has amazing coverage and lasts long enough that you’re not constantly having to reapply. It builds well so you can great a gorgeous colour and doesn’t feel drying. You can also choose to reapply if you need to so that’s great.

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Good Quality Alert – White Eyeliner

quality makeup

I cannot tell you how much white eyeliner has saved me last year! Being a mum of two boys, the eye bags are something else! A quick dash of white eyeliner really helps brighten the eyes. Also, a little added to the inner corner really helps give your eyes a nice pop. I have been using this great MUA  one that is only £1, Let’s repeat that, ONE POUND! I picked mine up from my local Superdrug and you really get bang for your buck.

There you have my top three (technically 4 but shhh) favourite makeup items at the moment. Good and reliable pieces that are going to do the job well.Thank you, so much for stopping by today loves. Before you leave, what are your go-to makeup items? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out my Social Media to stay up to date with all the new blogs.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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