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Salt Dough Christmas Crafts

Love making your Christmas gitfs? Looking for that unique Christmas decoration?

Hello, all of you beautiful people. I hope you are well. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping yet? As of writing this, it is exactly two weeks until Christmas and I have far too much still left to get. I’m not stressing about it though and instead have been getting festive with the fam! However, today I’m helping you get festive with these incredible salt dough Christmas crafts. In particular these super cute gingerbread decorations. I have wanted to create this for a few years now and this year was it!

Salt Dough christmas crafts - The Family

For Your Salt Dough Christmas Crafts You Will Need

1 Cup of Plain Flour,
(I used a normal mug for a cuppa)
2 Cups of Salt,
3/4 of a cup of water,
Mixing Bowl and Spoon,
Baking tray,
Greaseproof papers,
(I used waterbased poster paint)


  • Preheat the oven to 170’c, 325’f or gas mark 3.
  • Add the salt and flour in the bowl and really mix it up well.
  • Next, add the water a little at a time and mix really well as you do so you don’t overwater the dough.
  • Once it is a dough you can knead it and roll it out. I would usually say make it the thickness of a £1 coin (about an inch thick). However, I would say to go a little thinner here. Don’t forget to flour your surface.SaltDough-Dough
  • Next cut out your gingerbread people. I made one for each member of the family.
  • When you have your people you can make them cute little clothes and faces. Add buttons and bows. I love the bow ties! Add whatever you like and you can really personalise it. I put the boy’s initials on theirs for example. Add these to your people and if you find the dough is drying, you can dab it with water to add the extra bits.
  • Line your tray with the greaseproof paper and pop your ornaments on there. If you want to hang them remember to put a hole in them. I added one at the bottom at the top so I can hang them all together.
Salt Dough christmas crafts - Not baked
  • Bake them in the oven for about 40 minutes to an hour. You do want to keep an eye on them though and you want them to be solid but not brown. They should still be light in colour.
salt dough christmas crafts -Baked

Once cool they are ready to paint. I had to put a couple of layers of paint in bright colours. The white eyes and eyebrows I had to give about 5 coats to overall. However the orange biscuit colour I only added one layer as I found the absorbed look actually looked realistic. I then added a darker shade of the orange to the edges to add some depth.

I used some parcel twine to tie them together as I loved the rustic feel it gave. But some ribbon would be pretty also.

salt dough christmas crafts

So there you have it my loves! Really simple and very cost effective crafts which is great just before Christmas. I also love these as I made extra for the boys to decorate to so now I have memories to last a lifetime! These can also make a really gorgeous gift for grandparents and relatives.

I also knocked up a few cute, festive coasters with the leftover dough, which I am in love with.

Salt Dough Christmas crafts -Coasters

Remember if you do makes these make sure to tag me in them on all my Social Media stuffs so I can see it! Also, DO NOT MISS OUT on my Christmas Giveaway as my little thank you to you all for your continued support. Do you love these salt dough Christmas crafts? Are you looking for more Christmas craft ideas or even more salt dough crafts for adults? What is your go-to Christmas craft? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Okay these cookies are the cutest!!!! I will have to try them out with my son next year!!!

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