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Christmas Decor Deck The Halls

A little tour around my Christmas Grotto

Why hello to all you beautiful people! It’s December and you must agree, this year has gone in a flash. Christmas is officially upon us. Hot chocolates, Christmas trees and Christmas decor!! Yay!

As soon as the 1st hit we were getting festive as we love our traditions. That started with a trip to see Father Christmas at the school fayre. Followed by our towns annual light switch on. It has all these lovely little stalls and we had to stop for a slice of cake. Then, of course, decorations, letters to Santa all alongside some classic Christmas tunes at the weekend.

Christmas decor

I had a Twitter poll recently that said you guys are only 50% festive and we can’t have that!! So here is a little look at the decorations we have this year to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Cluttered Bookshelf Chic

I have tinsel and trinkets aplenty, I have elves and snowglobes galore!! Santa (me in my house, sorry for the ‘Santa’s not real’ spoiler) has his naughty and nice indicator. My favourite pieces, however, are the Christmas Tree candle, never to be lit and our musical snowglobe (heart eye emoji).

Fireplace Christmas Decor

The tiny little hat is Doug the Pugs (aka Shmeegle lol) and I just love how cosy this little corner is. All the twinkling lights, frosted tinsel and glowing fire are just so relaxing and snug.

Shelves of Elves

These are the shelves that I have. I will buy some battery LED lights for the rather un-twinkly set. But my particular faves from here is our first ever elf and also the cactus pot! Plants can get festive too!

Christmas decor

Another twinkly nook with cute homemade crafts made by my boys. My favourite kind of Christmas decor.

Christmas decor

Our elf door!! This door ‘magically’ appeared last year and has again this year! Last Christmas Eve an Elf came through it with a Christmas Eve box for the boys. They were very excited to see it return and I’m sure they’ll be just as excited to receive their box this year.

christmas decor

Finally, we’ll move onto the Christmas tree and ours is a bright, happy tree with lost of colour. We have lots of eclectic baubles and each has a special one that goes on every year. Also includes a light-up flashing star it is boarding on gaudy but that’s how like a lot of things (lol). Mine is the gingerbread man as I am year-round obsessed with them! With Microlights and tinsel galore I love our tree this year.

As you can see my house is well on its way to becoming a grotto. I have to admit that I didn’t even share ALL my decs with you just my lounge. I also have more crafts to do with the boys to add! Do you go overboard like me? Or are you a minimalist festivetarian? Let me know in the comments below or on my social medias and I hope this got you feeling festive.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. awh this makes me so sad i’ll be missing out on christmas decorations this year! Keep up the good work 🙂

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