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Well, my lovelies the time has come for me to share the treats from this years Halloween haul. I love this time of the year and get really stuck in. So here I will share the haul of new spooky decorations I collected for this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Halloween House Tour coming soon!

I’m going to start this Halloween haul with the items I picked up in Poundland. Leading with these cute inflatables. There are a little bat AND a ghost in one of the packs (so 50p each). Then another larger ghost in the other bag. I like to have inflatables for the kids to play with so therefor never spend much on them.


Next up we have this awesome 4 ft skeleton. It can hang from the door and it also glows in the dark. All of its arms and legs move. So, on the whole, a great addition to my Halloween decorations.


Moving onto this gorgeous spiderweb tablecloth. The gothic style lace is just gorgeous. I actually have two of these style tablecloths now so it will be hard to decide which one to use!

halloween haul

Finally, we have some lights which I find essential for some good spooky feels! First up we have some really funky pumpkin fairy lights. They’re going to look awesome with an orange glow. However, my favourite is this really sweet ghost tealight candle holder. Now I always use LED candles so I know they’re safe.

Moving onto the next pieces I picked up and weirdly enough I got these from my local Mccoll’s shop. They had a little display in there with tons of great stuff and I, of course, couldn’t resist.

So first we have these simple Devil forks or pitchforks, whichever you prefer. These I got for the boys as my little one wanted a ‘Halloween Axe’. We quickly realised this was a terrible idea and I am now considering making them a decoration (lol).


Considering I got the boys their ‘Halloween Axes’ I felt it was only right I got myself a Witches broom and I love it. I’m not sure where I am going to put it or what to do with it yet but I can’t wait.

halloween haul

I also picked up some little eyeballs and skulls as well. I put them in a little pot but mostly the kids play with them, to be honest. If I do them a Halloween themed bath I usually stick these in to add a gruesome tone. I also grabbed some of the LED candles I told you about before. These ones actually have a flicker effect as well so that is really nice.

Finally, I picked up this really cute pumpkin hairband! There was a bat one there too and I can pretty much guarantee that it will be in the collection by the end of the week! I love holiday themed headwear. My Christmas collection is huge and I definitely needed to up my Halloween game.

halloween haul

Next is my favourite Halloween purchase this year and it is these super awesome light up pumpkins. I actually got these from my local Co-op/Texaco garage. They are a really nice stoneware material and look at the faces!

The final item I have bought (for now) is this fabulous pumpkin pass the parcel from Asda. Now we got one of these for Christmas (Snowman head) and it was great. The kids had so much fun unwrapping and playing with the small toys inside. So this was 100% being added to the Halloween haul!

halloween haul

So there you have it my loves! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my haul and I hope you’re feeling spooky and inspired! Give it a day or two and I will have the cobwebs out. The spiders and all the other decorations ready for All Hallows Eve! Do you get as stuck in as I do? Do you have any Halloween traditions? Let me know in the comments below or you can share a pic over on my social media pages. If this wasn’t enough Halloween goodness for you face you can find more here.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. The light up pumpkins look great! Halloween is very popular where I am right now as well. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I love your haul, especially the broomstick 🙂 and its soo coool that you have Halloween themed bath!

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