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Come find out the benefits of these greecian delights!!

6 Reasons to Love Bee Factor

Hey, my lovelies so this is a very special post as it comes all the way from the lovely Niki from A great blog site for travel, lifestyle and some gorgeous food. Along with her travels, Niki has found all manner of sensational products. She is sharing some today so please enjoy.


Every woman has her beauty routine, but what makes mine special are the amazing Bee Factor products. Not only they are cruelty-free, 100% natural with Greek organic ingredients and vegetarian-friendly, but also they can be tailored to your needs, are cost-effective and come in ideal sized packaging!!

So many wins, I’ve lost count.


For my daily routine, I have picked a couple of beeswax creams from Bee Factor’s fragrance line and I highly recommend them to you! They cost only 9euros, they smell ridiculously amazing and most importantly, they come in an ultimate 40ml glass package that you can take with you EVERYWHERE. Even on the plane.
Beeswax’s benefits are well known: it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory while also having antiviral benefits and offering protection against irritation. It is also very nourishing for the skin and moisturizing.


Where can you use the cream? All over! Seriously now, one of the reasons I’m obsessed with this brand is because they create products for multiple uses.

Bee Factor’s fragrance line is ideal for all the following:

1) Face

While beeswax is most suitable for dry skin, anyone can use it. During winter when our face needs protection and in the summer after sun exposure, it nourishes and hydrates the face skin!

2) Eyebrows

Every night, before going to bed, I love putting a thick layer of cream on my eyebrows because it makes them strong and shiny and helps them grow fuller.

3) Elbows/Heels

You know who’s the worst enemy of dry, cracked elbows/heels? You guessed it right! Beeswax cream!

4) Lips

You will forget chapped lips for good. Also, the flavour is amazing – win for the weirdos like me who enjoy eating their lip balm!

5) Knees

Everyone keeps forgetting this very important part of our bodies. Beeswax cream works wonders for the knees and well-pampered knees look better in shorts.

6) Body

Well, apart from the specific parts mentioned above, you could also use it all over your body, as a hydrating body butter. You won’t need to use much of the product due to its thick texture that spreads easily.


My favourite flavours are Muchi-Muchi (bubblegum) & My Better Half (Praline Chocolate). Which one will you pick??


Find Bee Factor’s products here: Bee Factor

Thanks again to Niki for this amazing post! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did my loves. Make sure to go check out Niki’s page for more gems over there.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx



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