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My Travel Bucket List

Unfortunately this year we were unable to afford a getaway and my soul is feeling it! It’s nice to have somewhere new to look at and new exciting things to try. Ticking places off your travel bucket list.
Plus there is less cleaning and cooking, you can just have a break.

I have been finding my mind wander to places I would like to visit and I decided to put together a little travel bucket list. So here is the 5 place I would like to visit most and why.

Why not Tick Rome off Your Bucket List?


I have always wanted to Rome for a number of reasons but the main one is for the history. I am a huge fan of historic buildings and places so for me, Rome would fill my need for gorgeous, mind blowing buildings. Dripping with stories from long ago that were not forgotten. Such a rich history it would be my perfect holiday destination.

New York

Travel Bucket List NY

My reasons for wanting to visit the big NYC couldn’t be further from my previous ones. SHOPPING would be a BIG reason! I mean the shopping in this city is legendary so what fashion blogger wouldn’t want to go! Great bars and restaurants with some that a famous across the world! Let’s not forget Broadway as I love a good stage show. I think you could really have a once in a lifetime trip here and that’s what travel dreams are made of!



I have always had a passion to visit Japan. Mostly because it seems like such a different place from where I come from. I live in a small town in the countryside so Japan (the main cities) really is like a different world! I can’t even begin to imagine what you might find there and that is what appeals to me. New foods, different fashion and J-pop! Sign me up.

Is London on Your Bucket List?


Yes, I feel awful for saying this but I have not visited my countries capital as a tourist. The reason being is the price, to be honest. For what you would spend there on accommodation, transport, food and drinks plus actually doing a few activities whilst you’re there. That doesn’t take into account travel costs to get there so yes an expensive trip but one I will 100% make.


Travel Bucket List Norway

Finally, I would love to visit Norway to experience sleeping under the Northern Lights. That really is a once in a lifetime experience and one I would love to have under my belt. The beauty of it all whilst snuggled with a partner or friend. Mother natures own light show. What more could you want?

So there you have it my loves, my top 5 destinations I would love to visit. My personal travel bucket list. If I ever do visit any of these places. You can be sure there will be a blog post to tell you all about it! Hopefully next year we will be able to escape everyday life. Until then I’ll keep dreaming of paradise instead (lol).

If you are unable to go away perhaps building your own beach may be an idea for you? If you do then let me know by tagging my socials.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx 

7 thoughts on “Best Places To Travel

  1. I always wanted to travel Rome and Japan, hopefully will get a chance some day.

  2. Some great suggestions. I’s often the case with buckets lists, the additions are quicker than the ticking!

  3. love travelling and you have beautiful blog post thank you for sharing love your blog and the way you write. keep sharing and stay in touch

  4. Ur list is definitely one that many people have in mind. Other than Norway 🇳🇴 , I’ve been to the others… and yes Japan is one of the quirkiest places you can come accross… reading your blog post is wanting me to go bk to Nyc & Japan 🙂

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