Summer Breaks

Save my sanity

So I’m going to be the one and come forward and say the Summer break is killing my sanity!

Summer break

We’ve painted and parked. we’ve crafted and read. We’ve had days out and visits to see friends. Parties and even a new baby rabbit! We’ve had lazy days in quilts watching some all-time classic fills such ‘Matilda’ and even ‘Jumanji’. Which has all been fab and the extra time with the boys has been so nice! Watching them play in the garden from the second they’ve had their breakfast. Extra-long baths in the middle of the day just because!

Summer break

However, and it’s a big one! The fighting, the whining, the hearing my name over a million times before breakfast. Did I mention the fighting? I mean a ‘Mum he’s just punched me!’ ‘No, he hit me first’ kind of fighting, every minute they are not occupied by some form of constructive play. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t mind, of course, I signed up for this. Just sometimes though I find myself going ‘NOOOOO not again’. Damn you Summer break!


The tidying a room and then turning around and the kids have had the misconception you’ve made them a huge new space to play in. They’ve also somehow already filled that space with any toys that were left in the toy box!


Also, I have a serious question and that is how do kids eat so much? Like where does it go? I know they’re growing really quick but unless my boys are going to be as tall as Shaquille O’Neal I just don’t know! Every 10 minutes they’re asking for snacks! If you say no to the snack then your immediately asked for a drink regardless of if they have some in their cup or not. They don’t even bother to check!

With weeks left to go until the little monsters return I shall continue to try to keep them entertained with more running about, crafts and other things that may also buy me two seconds to regain my sanity. When it comes you’ll need a pamper.

summer break

I hope you’re faring well during these times of arguments, ‘Mum I’m bored’ and the ‘I’m hungry’ saga. We shall soon be free (lol). Let me know in the comments or on my socials.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

16 thoughts on “Summer Breaks

  1. haha! That’s how kids are. I am happy if they eat. Sometimes I only get worried that they may waste food, but my son doesnt ask me for food often. If he does its just a maybe a food rush or craving πŸ™‚

  2. I remember my mom had a hard time feeding me when I was a kid, so you are kinda lucky that they are eating πŸ˜› Have a wonderful summer πŸ™‚

  3. Ha ha ha I wish I could relate but I don’t have kids. I was a terrible eater when I was little so there’s a curse and a blessing that they are eating a lot. My nephew was eating like a horse and we could hardly stock up on food when he would come around lol. Good luck.

  4. This post is spot on! I guess all kids are the same. But the way I look at it, they grow up quickly and before you know it, you’ll wish they were back to being babies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Where I live, summer breaks are over, which is a relief for most parents

  6. Hahah I see my sister’s run behind their toddles for me it’s just painful..but that’s how we love kids right!You are doing a great job mommy! Power to you

  7. haha I know it must be difficult but this article was funny ! It’s good you have the strength to laugh about it. Be strong !! Take care

  8. I wish I could relate but I don’t have kids. My friend is a mother now and i see her running behind her daughter like insane. ha ha ha

  9. Oh shoot! God you have a lot of patience! haha! I will need a whole team behind me πŸ˜› People to keep me sane and out of prison! LOL!

    You are doing a great job!

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