My First Time Eyelash Extension

I am never looking back…..

I have always been blessed in the eyelash department and have never felt a need to have anything done to enhance them. A quick lick of mascara, a brush through and I was good to go. Today though we’re talking about eyelash extensions. Are they any good and do they enhance the way we want?

My Natural Eyelash

eyelash Before

More recently however, I have wanted a little more oomph in my lashes to the point I went and tried LVL lashes. This is a process of tinting and lifting the lashes to create a natural lift of your lashes.

Now, I liked the results but felt they fell very quickly on me so the lifting wasn’t exactly great for me. I also didn’t notice anything better in the darkness of them either so I decided then that LVL wasn’t for me.  I needed something else.

Strip Lashes

I have used strip lashes before but I find that am constantly worrying about them. They lift near my inner corner no matter how much I try. I can deal with them for a night but after that I am done! This doesn’t work for me as I want something that I can get up and go!

Eyelash Koryn

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions were the next step for me. Now I am lucky enough that my very lovely friend was looking for models. You can check out her Facebook. I decided to give them a go and see if they might be the answer to my troubles.

The first thing I will say is that this can take up to two hours. The reason being? Each small extension is painstakingly attached to your individual eyelashes. This is why the results are so good. With that in mind if you don’t have the two hours to spare. You probably shouldn’t get them done because there is no rushing here.

Eyelash Koryn

The Results

The results were just stunning and I was really blown away by it. I have to say the LVL experience left me disheartened. They look natural and feel really light to the point I don’t notice them. I can get up in the morning do a ‘no make up’ routine and it just adds a fresh look to my eye area, nothing else needed.

You need to have them in-filled every two weeks to keep them healthy and looking nice but there a number of other points you should bear in mind.

Keep oil away from them as this will loosen the glue and they will fall out faster. Avoid waterproof and oil-based makeup in the eye area for the same reason again. Try to use only water-based products on them to keep their lustre and life. You may ‘wash’ them with a solution of 1 part baby shampoo to two parts water. You should clean and brush them daily. Double-check with the beautician to be really sure about aftercare.

Eyelashes extensions

I will never look back again, to be honest! Yes, they may take a bit of upkeep but they are so, so worth it. Just look at the results! If you are looking for that something extra in the eye area this is it!!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried these and what you thought? Let me know if you want to! If you’re looking for a makeup look to go with your new lashes check out this quick makeup routine. Also a huge thank you to my lovely friend once again for giving my eyelashes LIFE!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

10 thoughts on “My First Time Eyelash Extension

  1. I’ve never tried it and although it looks good if done properly, I am not sure if I’d like it.

    1. I felt the same to start with but they’re literally no different than my own except longer 🙂 I can understand they may not be for everyone but I for one am thrilled I have one less thing to do in the morning lol 😉 xx

  2. The results are stunning but I found the upkeep to be a lot, not to mention the money! I’d do it for a special occasion though.

  3. That’s something I really wouldn’t consider. Some of the products I use are oil based to this wouldn’t be good for the lashes. And it seems like a lot of upkeep for my laziness. They look great on you but for me it’s just too much work.

    1. I can see that tbh. For me though it’s saves so much time. Plus makeup free I look a little more fresh. Each to their own though right xxx

  4. Yours turned out rather beautifully! I had them done once and wasn’t happy with the result unfortunately. Maybe if I went to someone else I would enjoy them more;)

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