LUSH Bath Bomb – Think Pink

Testing out the gorgeous Think Pink LUSH Bath Bomb….

Hello my loves and how are we all doing? I have been so busy I haven’t known my butt from my elbow. Alas, some weeks are like that and we trundle through. This week, however, included being hit by a bus which no one needs. A damaged car and a whole sleuth of other problems. When weeks like this happen the Think Pink Lush bath bomb is there to help you de-stress.

How do you relax after such a difficult week? It was decided a gorgeous LUSH bath bomb was exactly what was needed. I opted for the gorgeous ‘Think Pink’ bath bomb and oh my goodness it did not disappoint that’s for sure. Just look at it! One of the most beautifully designed bomb and also brings awareness. With the little pastel coloured flowers to accentuate the deep pink. (Note, it has now had a recent revamp to dark pink. Check it out here at Lush.


Think Pink Bath Bomb

The smell was divine with a sweetness to it that reminded me of love hearts (my faves). So this alone pleased me. The scent was still as strong once the bomb was dissolved which is a bonus. They usually lose their intensity or a lot of their potency once dissolved. This was incredibly pleasing.

LITTLE TINY HEARTS ALL IN THE BATH!! It was as if Cupid himself had run me the bath. There they were, loads of little tiny hearts and it was incredible. I would hugely suggest this for a gift if for someone who enjoys a good pamper session.

I have to say one of my favourites to date and I would highly recommend you try it. What’s your favourite bath product? What would you recommend to other readers? Please leave your comment below loves or over on my socials. You can also check out my many Lush Posts by clicking that link. Thanks for stopping by and I will speak to you soon.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

31 thoughts on “LUSH Bath Bomb – Think Pink

  1. Looks like a great way to relax after a stressful week! Sorry to hear about your car, and wishing you a wonderful weekend:)

  2. Bath bombs are incredible! Such a nice treat, especially after the end of a long week!

    1. The skin on my body can be a little sensitive so I normally use LUSH. I know they won’t hurt my skin with chemicals and un-natural perfumes xxx

  3. Just looking at the pics makes me want to take a bath. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This bath bomb looks gorgeous and I would love to pamper myself by having one soon!

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