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Kim K Edition- Get the look for a fraction of the cost

Kim Kardashian West

Hello my lovelies how are you all today? I find myself in a bit of a bitchy mood today (lol). I think it’s because we’ve had such lovely weather and know the kids are off school it’s hammering down. Makes you miserable doesn’t it?

So let’s brighten our day and steal some style at a mere fraction of the cost shall we? Miss Kim Kardashian has become a fashion icon around the world. Lately her day-to-day fashion has become a little more relaxed but still looking fabulous. So here’s how you can do it for less!


So I used the amazing website Trendeo to create this whole look so be sure to check their site out for great style at a fraction of the cost, really gorgeous stuff!

Those so Kim K nude colours popping through. Really clean but little details with studs and lace to keep it interesting. All for only £42.49 which is such a good price when we think how much Kim’s cost!! Throw in a bomber or cute denim jacket and your good to go!!!

GO! Go now my loves and if you love to do as I have here and get that outfit for less, SHOW ME! You can do that on TwitterFacebook or Instagram tag me all that fashion goodness.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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26 thoughts on “Steal Her Style

  1. Love the beige bodysuit. It seems to me that one cannot enter a woman’s or girls clothes shop these days without tripping over bodysuits, or maybe it is just me 🙂

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