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I’m jumping right in today and am confessing my skin at the moment is AWFUL!! Rife with pimples and blackheads (Ewww I know) and no matter what I am doing they’re not going. This tells me that my regime at the moment isn’t cutting it and so I am having a complete overhaul of my skincare. I’m adding Lumity Life skincare supplements for a few weeks so I can reign in this problem skin.
If this is something you’re suffering from an overhaul may be something you need to consider doing.

I will put a blog up soon about everything I am doing to combat it but here I wanted to keep a record of the supplements that I was kindly sent by Lumity Life and to see if they to can help with aiding my skin in a better direction. Although it does so much more according to claims.

Lumity Life skincare supplements

Now I do not just take tablets or supplements ‘willy nilly’ and if you feel you need to check with a GP before taking then most definitely do. Especially if you’re taking other tablets or have regular treatments regarding your health. Better safe than sorry!
Now, these are the first supplements I have ever tried so of course, I have done some research.

What Does Lumity Life Skincare and Supplements do?

Lumity Life claims to be a pretty marvellous product that is anti-ageing, helps with energy, hair, nails and much more. This is why Lumity supplements are packed with Vitamin A, C and E as well as a mineral known as Selenium. All of these things can help aid with tissue and cell damage plus then some! I found Web Md a good source for this information.

Lumity Life

It can also help with a number of other problems that may start to creep in as you reach your 30+ years due to the other minerals and vitamins also included! For all the information check out both Lumity Life’s page but also double check for yourself that the Vitamins in there are what you need.

Let’s crack on though and check out this packaging for a second. It’s just so pretty and notice the award winning logo on the corner there!

Lumity Life skincare

This is a 4 week supply and includes 84-morning soft gels and 84-night soft gels and I am interested to see if they’ll actually work!

So without further a do here is my obligitory starter selfie. Notice the haggered (boohoo), pimpled skin and I will post in a weeks time and we’ll see how it’s going! Remember this should also help my hair, nails and general all round being, so I am excited!

Lumity Life skincare

Thanks for stopping by and if your skin needs a lift and a boost make sure to stop by again. Make sure you don’t miss the results of Lumity Life skincare as this might be the exact product you need!
Until then why not stop by my Social Media pages so you won’t miss any blogs ever again!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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