Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter Masks and Bunting. Holiday Helpers!!

So we are now getting through the Easter holidays and we have parked, gardened, petting Zoo’ed and ridden bikes! We also enjoyed some Easter paper crafts. Making masks and bunting that share in a moment.

We enjoyed Easter yesterday with guests who came. So there was egg painting and rolling. Bonnet making, egg and spoon race, Easter egg hunt, a massive roast dinner, chocolate and even cheesecake!
After all these exhausting activities my boys still, somehow manage to have a crap ton of energy left! This is where a nice, quiet craft comes in.

Now all though Easter is technically over, you may as well make the most of it right! Especially as there is still holiday time left. Here have another two really easy to make crafts that you can let the kids do while you grab 10 minutes for yourself.

Easter Paper Crafts – Paper Plate Masks

First up we have some super cute masks that you can make. They are really simple and very inexpensive. We decided to make a bunny, chick and a sheep.

You Will Need

Paper Plates,
Pens and Pencils,
Paper or Card,
Glue and Sticky tape,


  1. You want to start by cutting a paper plate in half. This is a double bonus as one plate makes two masks! Thrifty!!

2. Cut out the eye holes and use my handy trick of cutting a cross into circles. This way you can just snip out each quarter.Easter_Masks_EyeHole

3. Colour or paint a paper plate yellow for the chick. My little lads decided to go all multi-coloured and also added feathers (both HAD to make chicks lol!). After all, you need a fluffy chick. The other two plates you can leave white.

4. Next, you need to draw and cut out some,
Rabbit ears,
5. Sheep ears and hair,
6. Chicken head thing coloured orange (lol its comb) and the chicken’s orange triangle nose.

7. Cut a rounded shape in the bottom of one mask like so. This will become the sheep mask.

8. Add pink circles to all masks for rosy cheeks.

9. Then a little nose and mouth to your rabbit. I also added some cute lashes!

10. Next glue and tape all your extra little bits you got like ears etc.

11. Add a straw or a lolly pop stick to finish your mask!

There you go my lovelies a little mask craft that should keep your little chicks entertained, even after they’ve finished making them.

Easter Paper Crafts – Bunting

Let’s move onto the second Easter paper craft and its bunting. Come on who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? We usually make our own bunting for each holiday so this one is no different. It’s so easy and can take as long or as you little time as you need.

You Will Need

Paper or card,
Pens or Pencils,
Paints, Glitter or Feathers etc for decoration,
Glue and Sticky tape,


  1. First, you will want to draw triangles onto paper. I found I could fit 3 large triangles on the A4 piece of card I used. I also made 10 smaller triangles to add variety. As you can see I am not an artist (lol). Cut these out.

2. Draw a line along the wider section of the triangle to make sure you save enough space to stick them to the string.

3. Decorate your triangle with cute easter designs. Here are a few to help inspire you.

4. Sticky tape them to the string and you’re done!

That is it my loves! Two easy but cheap cheap (lol yes I went there) crafts for you to enjoy with your little ones. At the very least grab a cuppa!
I hope you enjoyed this blog and you’re Easter was an amazing one. Filled with family, love and of course CHOCOLATE!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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    1. thanks hun. So simpl but yh they really cute don’t they! Love it!!!! xx

  1. What cute and fun little activities! My kids would love the bunny masks. We will have to make some animal masks on a rainy day this summer:)

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