Face Mask for Oily Skin and Combination Skin – Easter Special

A gorgeous chocolate facemask to help melt away your oily skin problems!

Hi my loves and how have you been? We will be enjoying Easter break here at the moment and it’s lovely to have the boys home for a couple of weeks.
It does mean however I have my work cut out for me keeping them entertained but more importantly not fighting (lol)! Here is some Easter Wreaths that are cheap and easy to make using just paper plates and paper really. Today, however, is all about that face mask for oily skin and combo skin. Plus an added Easter treat for you!

After all that stress though I love to unwind with a face mask, as you know. The one I have tried this time is still from the Montagne Jeuneese 7th Heaven range as I have so many yet to try. This is an Easter Special though so I am indulging in the Chocolate Clay mask they have. This mask is also perfect if your skin is oily all the time. Or like me, you have combination skin and your skin gets oily than dry etc.

face mask for oily skin

After reading the packet it has alot of natural clays in it which is going to be what dries out the oil. However it has lots of cocoa and shea butter to prevent over drying. Perfect really!

Now when I opened it……..Urgh it is AMAZING it is so chocolately and rich and creamy and lovely. Very similar to dark chocolate!! I could have licked it but that would be unadvisable (lol)! It really is one of the nicest smelling masks I’ve ever had.

face mask for oily skin

As always I applied with a clean brush so applications was easy but I think it would have been just as easy with a clean finger.
It only took 15 minutes to dry and dried to a crispy consitency like you’d expect from a clay mask. As expected it came off perfectly quick with a clean flannel. Yes I’ve said clean like 100 times but it really is one of the most important things in skin care!

face mask for oily skin

After my skin felt so amazing and it was definately cleared of it’s oil on my chin and t-zone. I didn’t cleanse as I didn’t want to over dry my skin so I just added my normal      moisturiser       .
It felt like I had been to the salon for a facial it was so good. Smooth and silky to the point you have to force yourself not to stroke it (lol).
I 100% recommend this if your suffering with over oily skin. If you have it come and go definitely have this ready to go when it flares up.

What’s your most annoying skin problem? Are you blessed with flawless skin? Let me know below.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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