Easter Crafts For Kids

Cheap and easy Easter Crafts. Saving you SOME sanity this Easter break!

It the Easter holidays here in the UK and although the weather is stunning. There are only so many trips to the park or garden picnics you can get away with. Many people have obviously gone on their holibobs but if you’re at home. Trying to keep your little ones entertained then we have you covered with Easter crafts for kids.

Today we have a cute Easter wreath you can make at home so easily because you don’t need much at all. So why not add a little Easter cheer and colour to your house?

easter crafts for kids

For Your Easter Crafts for Kids You Will Need

Paper Plates (my old trusties lol),
Paper or Card,
Pens, Pencils, Glitter or Feathers etc for decoration,
Glue or Sticky tape,


  1. You want to start by drawing an egg shape as a template. This way all your eggs will be the same size. I drew 14 but didn’t need all of them in the end.
    Easter crafts for kids
  2. Then you WILL have to cut each egg out! Now, this does take a while but it’s so worth it trust me.
    Easter crafts for kids
  3. Now the fun part!!! The decorating yayyy. We used coloured pens and glitter to create our Easter and Spring inspired wreath.
    easy easter crafts for kids
  4. Next, you will need your paper plate and you will need to cut the centre out. I find the easiest way to do this is to cut across in it first. Then you can snip it away with relative ease.
    simple easter crafts for kids
  5. Glue your eggs all around the edge and you can also sticky tape for extra hold on the back.
  6. Add a piece of string to the back of your wreath and you’re done! They look great and will keep your little ones entertained for a fair little while.
easter crafts for kids paper plate wreath

So cheery and colourful! Perfect for a bit of Easter holiday fun or perhaps you’re having an Easter get together. A fantastic and very cheap decoration choice.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Easter crafts for kids and keep an eye out for one more during the Easter break. At least you will be able to sit and enjoy a cup of tea while your little bunnies are busy!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. This is super cute! Could do something similar for Halloween coming up here. The kids will love it, thank you for the idea:)

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