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Spring clean? pfffft I had a Spring revamp on a budget

Hi, my lovelies and how are you all today? The British weather has been so gorgeous lately and I have been wanting to make the most of it. However, Spring is in full force and spring cleaning this year was not going to cut it. I decided that a little bathroom revamp was in order.

I didn’t take a before picture however the whole room was a blue that was too dark for the room. It made it feel smaller than it was and it’s not that big anyway. It needed lightening up and a new lease of life but we didn’t have huge amounts of cash to spend.

Paint for Your Bathroom Revamp

Well, the first thing we did was pull the magnolia out from the paint cupboard. It is such a quick and easy way to light up the room. It made a huge difference in the room straight away. Luckily we had some in the cupboard but Wilko has a great selection of paint for reasonable prices.

Bathroom revamp paint

Now we already had blue, teal and green accessories so it made sense to just rework what we had.

So we painted one wall teal (got the Wilko’s paint for this and it was £12 for the tub) which has our mirror on and the room really started to come together.


bathroom revamp on a budget

We then had a look on the Argos site for a new shower curtain. We found this gorgeous geometric one with all the shades we had used and it was on the ‘2 for £15’ deal so we also picked up the matching rug as well.


Finally, we got this little hanging rail for the door and that was it done!!

The total spent on this room was,
£12 for paint,
£15 for new rug and curtain,
£6 on a new hanging rail,
So £32 for a completely new look in my run down bathroom!!

My biggest tip when decorating is to keep the walls neutral and add the colours you want with the accessories or a feature wall. This way your rooms stay lovely and bright but have a nice pop of colour.

Are you planning any home renovations soon? Perhaps you’re doing a bathroom revamp? What are your top tips for redecorating? I hope you found this helpful if you are doing some re-zuzing (yes it’s a word it means…..bringing life to old crap!! lol). If you’re looking for tips for another room you can check out my post on 5 ways to revamp a room on a budget. You can also stop by my socials for more posts and updates.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Large bathroom renos can be so expensive. Great job giving yours a little face lift;)

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