Pamper Party

Relax and enjoy a Pamper Night with me

Hello my lovelies and how we all today? I hope you are well? Perhaps your in need of a pamper party? I know I am there for it right now!

Now I have to admit I have been feeling a little bit ‘bluerghhh’ at the moment (sad face emoji). Today being especially testing due to a new wall art mural in my boy’s room, courtesy of my eldest, and also the bed.  I decided the best way to conquer all the stress was with a little one-woman pamper party to make myself feel better.
I know you deserve one or maybe you’re feeling a little off also. So here are some top items to make sure your pamper party is perfectly peaceful and will get you destressed.

Hair Care

The first item is G3 Omnia Mundi Hair care but in particular the pre shampoo. This product is amazing and you feel the difference after just one wash. Pop it on to tho your hair focusing mainly on the length of your hair. Then after ten minutes rinse before you wash your hair. and the smell is gorgeous. If you use code ‘Tahnee’ at check out you will also receive 20% off your order!


Lush Pamper Party

Any Bath Bomb/Bubble Bar you can fit in the bath but today I used the LUSH ‘Unicorn Horn’ which is a limited edition Valentine’s one I got as a birthday gift (thanks Kai and Becca! x).
It is amazing from the scent, a gorgeous zesty lavender. To the stunning shimmering rainbow colours and all the way up to luxurious bubbles! I almost didn’t want to use but it was bliss! Stick on some music and your good to go surely?


Well, why not light a little candle here and there! You do deserve it after all. I can not recommend this Air Wick Vanilla candle enough. It’s gorgeous and the vanilla-ness (yes it’s a word! shhhh) is made creamier and richer by coconut milk. It really does smell lovely and is a fairly large candle so would last a while. Another little birthday gift from my mum as I LOVE vanilla smelling ANYTHING!! Some times I spray Zoella ‘Sweet Inspirations’ just to smell it (lol) but this should save my spritz as well.What’s a

What’s a Pamper Party Face Mask

So next up I treated myself to a facemask and it was, of course, 7th Heaven. I love this company! I know I can trust their products as they’re 100% natural but also that their products work. I used this wonderful de-stress mask and it was amazing. I have actually reviewed this product before and that is here if you want to see that. The reason I love it so much is because it is actually warm while on your face? I’m not sure how this sorcery is achieved but I approve!!



I decided to have a very rare glass of wine along with my facemask (if you’re of legal age obviously) and I had a glass of Blossom Hill ‘Passion Fruit and Peach’. It was lovely! So fresh and the fruit flavour really came through. No bitter taste at the back of the throat that some people don’t enjoy. It would be perfect for in a spritzer on summer days with ice so perfect for a pamper party, even if it is just for one (lol).


Movies and More Wine

I painted my nails, put on my fluffy socks, got my hot water bottle, yes more wine and stuck a film on in bed. Today I wasn’t feeling it, it was ‘one of those days’. It was stressful and hard. I needed to feel relaxed and chilled. We all deserve that from time to time so make sure to throw yourself a pamper party.

Pamper Party Face mask

So there you have it my loves a perfect pamper party for you to enjoy on your own or even with bff!
I was super relaxed after this I actually only watched about 15 minutes of film before I conked out (zzzzz lol). Make sure you take the time to take care of yourselves my loves as you deserve it.

If you’re looking for more ways to pamper yourself. You could try this post that focuses on products brought from stores rather than online. You can always stop by my social media pages where I share more ideas and posts.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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