Plumper Lips

Perfect Pout with out the surgery

Hello loves and how are you? I hope you had a lovely Mothering Sunday because I know either you or your mum deserved it! For today’s blog we are going to recreate this lip look I wore yesterday because it was so poutilicious! Plus who doesn’t want fuller and plumper lips? So here’s my step by step tutorial of how to achieve this bigger, plumper lip.


Plumper Lips This Way

  1. Start with a little exfoliate to get rid of any loose or dead skin. I use a wet wipe and gently circle my lips daily to keep them fresh.
  2. Next, add a nice lip balm. I’m currently using good old Vaseline or ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ from Lush.
    plumper lips
  3. Let the lip balm sit for a while before applying your normal makeup routine.
  4. Get a sharpened Lipliner. I am using the MUA ‘Brooding Plum’ Liner. (Only £1)
  5. Draw on the outer line of the upper lip and cross at the cupid’s bow area. Then apply on the lower lip.

Next fill in your lipstick with a brush. I am using the MUA “Wild Berry” lippy as the colours are perfect together.

Finish this off with a little dusting of translucent powder OVER a sheet of toilet paper to set it nicely and stop it from moving.

There you have it perfect plumper lips for Spring and the rest of the year. It’s the must have accessory of this year? With celebs sharing their ever growing lips. Not all of us want to change our face to achieve that because you don’t need to when makeup can do the job just as well.

plumper lips

Hope you enjoyed this blog and helps those looking for a fuller lip, it’s all in the liner! Please don’t forget to come to say ‘HI’ on my Facebook, Twitter or the Gram and thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking for more makeup post you can find them all here.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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  1. Wow! What a difference a little lip line drawing can do. I am going to try this one on my next night out:)

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