LUSH Pamper

Limtied Edition Snowie

Limited Editon
Snowie Bubble Bar

Welcome to another Lush pamper session because I know you deserve it. Snowie limited edition bubble bar remembering the one and only David Bowie (I’m a huge fan). I hope today sees you well whatever the weather! Spring is 100% on the way, yay! Sunny days sprinkled among the rain and sleepy flowers slowly creepy out! A pampering is on the cards.

lush pamper

Lush Pamper – Bubble Bar

I tend to find during the transitions of the seasons, I can feel a little bleurgh and needing some extra TLC. I saved this bath bomb for this exact reason. This is a limited-edition David Bowie remembrance bubble bar! There was no way I was leaving the store without it!! LOOK AT IT!Lush Pamper snowie.jpg It is, of course, the shape of a snowman as it was a Christmas limited edition. However with the amazing different coloured eyes and iconic lightning bolt you’ve got to love it!
The smell of this bar is amazing! It smells really fruity and fresh. However, it didn’t stay as strong once dissolved and that was a bit disappointing.

Here is a sped up video for you to take a peak at in regards to how it well it melts and bubbles. I found it to be really bubbly the only words in my notes is decadence (lol) they were gorgeous.

Lush Pamper

Aferwards my skin felt amazingly soft. I also felt super relaxed after my gorgeous bath!

So there you have it my loves! Another gorgeous product to indulge in! If you stop by a LUSH store and see a limited item 100% pick it up! I tend to find they’re the ones I enjoy the most! Do you love a Lush pamper? They’re my favourite I won’t lie.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I really appreciate it and I will speak to you again soon if you’re back for the next blog. You can stop by my social media pages for more Tahnee’s Blog updates.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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