Denim On Denim

Dare you Double Denim?

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? Today we are focusing on the new trend of double denim. How do you achieve this look whilst not looking like a 90’s pop band throwback? Well, let me help you with that.


I remember years ago after Britney and Justin sported that awful matching denim assemble….
I’m sorry guys it was! However I remember reading a fashion piece at the time with only ONE rule to wearing the double denim look and to be fair it has never steered me wrong. The rule was to never colour match the denim and although in recent years this has been done flawlessly. If you feel a little unsure if you can ‘pull off’ double denim use this rule and rock it.

I created this look recently with a repurposed dress. I bought the dress, looked at it at home and was like ‘Urgh why did I buy that?’. It was chucked in my wardrobe, never worn, until recently. I had a brain wave to use it as a jacket instead and I loved the cute, casual look it created.

Please excuse my massive, wind swept hair in pic 1 (damn you hurricane? Doris lol!!)

I matched the plain light blue jacket dress with darker acid wash jeans. As you can see the two different shades compliment each other rather than competing for attention. I’m really tiny to and I feel this makes me look a little thicker in places which I love.


I chose a nice berry red/ burgundy vest top as I am still loving this colour. Finished off with the awesome tan buckled and chained biker boots (while stock lasts) from everyting5pounds.

I went really simple with accessories and wore my usual rings (engagement and statement ring on other hand) and this stunning choker I picked up from Asos.


I also styled this with my MAHI backpack that I am so obsessed with, it’s so spacious, practical and gorgeously stylish.

For my make up I went for a more simple eye with a cute grey shade of eyeshadow from the MUA Winter Forest palette and simple waterline eyeliner. I then used Mulberry lipstick to match my top. Hair was a messy bun and turned into a huge mess of a bun thanks to gale force winds (lol).

double denim

So there you have it the key rule to double denim if you’re a little bit nervous try this out. I hope this helps you out a little bit and I will speak to you next time.

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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