It’s My Birthday

I’m getting dangerously close to 30!

Hello, hello my loveliest of lovelies and thanks so much for stopping by. As you can see from the title it is, in fact, my birthday. I am turning 28 which is sucky as I realise how close to my next decade I am. However, I am trying to remember that growing old is a privilege some are not blessed with.
I have also been treated to cards, presents and a cake! So I am feeling very loved and special which is always nice!

I thought I would take this day to share some more personal stuff about myself with you. As I sit here though I find it difficult to think of things to write. I think I find it hard to chat about who I am or myself in general in a bloggy way.

We’ll start with the basics I guess….

I grew up in a small town in Wiltshire called Corsham where everyone knows everybody, they’re business included (lol).

Besties on My Birthday

I was lucky though and grew up next door to my best mate in the whole world Kerry for 17 years. She has been my best friend since we were like 2 and 3.

Once we moved away from home she was my neighbour again for another 3 years. Moving in next door to us and she’s definitely one of my fav humans ever!!
I am God Mother to her youngest daughter and in my heart her eldest too (lol). I was a bridesmaid at her wedding and she’s more of a sister than a friend now! She is never getting rid of me. BFF!!

I am legit drunk in the 2nd pic after like 2 drinks at 8pm (shamed lol)


I attended a Roman Catholic Primary School and learnt from a very young age that I was agnostic. After that, I was a student at The Corsham School. I would say, if asked, my teachers would say I was a less than A+ student. (unless you asked my drama teacher or media studies one which I enjoyed lol). I now realise school was not a great learning environment for me but I do LOVE learning more than I can describe. However, I absolutely loved College and went to my local one, Wiltshire College Chippenham, to study Media Production. Whilst there I was the Editor and writer for our College magazine ‘Hammered’.


Whilst I was at Corsham School I met my lovely Ben (we were 15) and I remember telling his best mate, a mutual friend, that I liked him. Just to make sure he found out, ah young love (lol).

We have been inseparable ever since! I think we knew it was forever when he walked into my room one day and I was playing Final Fantasy 10, on a blow-up Space Invaders chair (lol no seriously).

On a serious note even though we have been together since we were very young. It isn’t always a walk in the park as most people think! We annoy each other! People change and grow all the time. Especially during your childhood to adult years. We’ve had to learn how to let each other do this growing alongside each other. Luckily we are best friends too, no cliche we really are! So this has been achievable for us and I do feel very blessed to have him (don’t tell him and make his head big though! lol),


You obviously know we have two little lads and considering they’re three and six they’re average little lads! They love Paw Patrol and Ninja Turtles and Marvel Hero and scooters and annoying each other. Waiting until you’re drinking your tea before asking for the juice even though you were in the kitchen THREE SECONDS before. I would not be without my crazies and wouldn’t wish it any other way!

Anime on My Birthday

I have a huge love for anime my favourite film is ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ or ‘Eden of the East’ or maybe ‘Time of Eve’ or even ‘Spirited Away’ (lol). Series wise I would have to say probably ‘RWBY’.

I also love video games as mentioned above most recent loved game being Final Fantasy 15 (it is my fave franchise). Although I wish half the stuff in the trailer was actually in the game but that is another blog (lol). I will add I am crazy excited for the Final Fantasy 7 reboot!!! To be fair I’m a huge nerd and so proud!

Anyway, I think I have waffled on enough for you all but there you have it! A little bit of me on my birthday! I’m off to enjoy a day of being spoiled please make sure to enjoy yours in celebration with me. Thanks for stopping by loves and if you have a second please stop by my Facebook or my other social media pages and say Hi!!

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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