Paper Plate Crafts

Paperplate masks to keep little ones entertained!

Hello my lovelies and how are you all this week? I know that all though I love having extra time with the boys when they’re on a break from school. I could use a break from the bickering constantly. The ‘Muuuuummmmm’ and always classic ‘it was him!’ (lol). Today we have some awesome paper plate crafts that you can make for next to nothing at home. Keep the little hands busy for a minute at least.

Paper Plate Mask

paper plate mask

You Will Need

White Paper plates,
Paint & paintbrushes,
Sticky tape,


  1. Cut 3 paperplates in half.
  2. Make sure your drawing on the mask as it bends away from the face. The smooth silky side where you would put food touching your face.
  3. Draw on large circles for eyes.
  4. Cut the eyes out. I found that cutting an X in the area first and then snipping around the edge the best way to do this.
  5. Paint/colour background colours first.

Add any extra bits such as eyes, ears, horns etc with some glue or looped sticky tape. We made ours from extra paper plates, I did the cutting and the boys decorated them. Colour in any noses or cheeks or any other bits left.

  • Pull a funny face whilst testing the mask out and this is the most mandority part of the whole process!!!! (lol)

  • 20170217_092602

    Add straws to the back of the mask and you’re done

    My little lads loved making these and although we haven’t had a chance yet. I will use this to make a story up with the boys that we can act out together and get that little bit more fun out of them.

    So cheap and easy and brilliant for this last weekend of half term to keep them occupied for a bit. If you do give these a go please do tag my Social Media pages as I’d love to see your creations! Maybe they’ve inspired you with your own ideas that I would also love to see!

    Lots of Love,
    Tahnee xxx

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