Halloween Spooky Shakes

Thick, green, gloopy…delicious?? Yes these Halloween spooky shakes are just that

Helloooooo my lovelies (lol) and welcome to another spooktastic treat and today’s is probably the most simple one yet!! Halloween Spooky shakes for your Halloween food ideas and look how great they look!


Halloween and Autumn in general is alot of people’s favourite time of the year and who can blame them? It’s colder and darker and that’s an excuse to stay cosy in doors. The leaves are falling and setting beautiful scenery ablaze and of course Halloween amongst the best holiday of the year! Scare and treats galore. Sign me up! These awesome Halloween spooky shakes are the perfect treat to accompany a Halloween inspired dinner too.

You will need

Strawberry or Banana milkshake powder, Chocolate would be to dark, Milk,
Food Colour,
Squirty Cream,
Halloween Sweets (optional),
Crazy Straw (optional),



  1. First make your milkshake.
  2. Add a few drops of your chosen colour.
  3. Next you add your cream.
  4. Why not include some halloween sweets or as I did some deco’s I had spare (lol)
  5. Add a crazy straw if you want.

Voila you’re done!!! My boys loved these with their Halloween Inspired dinner they had. Halloween dinners have started making these dinners an annual occurrence and the boys really look forward to it now.

I told you it was the easiest make to date but it looks so amazing. You can wild with other colours and decorations too. Maybe blood red with spiders instead of green and eyes? What would you choose?


Well that’s all for today’s blog my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed todays scary inspired blog. Do you make Halloween treats? Would you give the spooky shake a try? If you do give these a go tag me in your pics on my social media pages. I’d love to see them!!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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