DIY Halloween Craft – Bunting

Want to keep the little ones busy and the house looking spooky this Halloween?

Hello my lovelies and how are you on this festive October day? I hope you are well and soaking up the spooky vibes as Halloween draws near. This also means for us parents half term. Don’t worry I got you, I got you! Today’s blog is a Halloween craft. DIY bunting and is so cheap, so easy but can keep either the kids or you busy and festive! I love Halloween and always get crafts on for my boys and this is great and keeps them entertained.


You will need

A4 Paper,
Pens and/or Pencils,
Sticky Tape,
Glue (optional for the mummy)
Toilet Paper (optional for the mummy)



First start by drawing triangles on your paper. They don’t have to be perfect and all the same. I actually made them different sizes etc.

Next decorate your triangles. I found that using larger Halloween icons such as the Frankenstein, ghost and pumpkin. Filled the large triangles best. I then used small repetitive patterns and stripes on the smaller ones.


Once you’re done with decorating fold the flat edge at the top of the triangle and stick it to the string. Stick all of the triangles to the string and you’re done.

Like I said this is such and amazing craft to do with your kids or just a fun and cheap way to decorate for a party. I’m really pleased with the results and can’t wait for more Halloween crafts.



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I hope you enjoyed this Halloween craft and thank you for coming to read. Until the next take care my loves.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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