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DIY Makeup Brush Tidy

So many brushes and so little storage? Then the DIY makeup brush tidy is exactly what you need

Hello lovelies and welcome to a very exciting blog where I’m sharing a great idea for keeping your makeup brush collection tidy with this DIY makeup brush tidy. When you have hundreds, like myself, it’s handy to keep your main brushes to hand. This DIY makeup brush tidy is the best way to do just that.

I recently saw a tutorial on multiple websites of these DIY pots and I decided to give it a go myself. I have so many brushes and use alot of them but have my go to brushes for sure. Knowing where they are without searching is a must and is time saving too. What’s your fave makeup brush? Maybe you have a go to brand that you love? Either way hands up if you have too many brushes? Here is what you will need for your makeup brush tidy.



Pringle Pot,
Decorative paper,
Ribbon or Glitter for the edging,
Small square of cardboard,
slightly larger than the circle top of the Pringle Pot,
Bread Knife,

Makeup Brush pot


  1. Start by cutting the Pringle pot in half with the bread knife or sharp craft knife. One half will need a tidy and decorate and this will become your brush holder.
  2. Hold on to the other half and then cut a small semi-circle in the bottom of one half as seen above. This will be to storage for cotton pads.
  3. Cut the base for your pot from cardboard. It needs to be a slightly larger circle than the Pringle pot lid. Then cut slits around it. Once done use glue to stick it on the bottom of the pot. Making sure the tabs are inside, as shown below,


Don’t forget to trim the tabs from the front. Or like I did take a second Pringles lid and trim the edge off the stick with super glue.Apply glue around your pot and apply the decorative paper. To apply it around the arched section use the same slit technique as above so you could tuck it in front.


For a better and tidier finish. Apply the ribbon on the top edge of the pots, covering the cut edge just to tidy it up. I also used a dab of super glue on the ribbon just to secure it properly.Then add the lid of your Pringle to the top and now you have a cotton pad holder and makeup brush holder!!!

DIY beauty storage

I am seriously impressed with these as I only paid £2 for materials overall as the Pringle Pot was kindly donated (lol). But they look so pretty and stylish! Really simple to make and didn’t take long at all.

Well I really hope you enjoyed this blog and if you give these a whirl please tag me in your pics. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Are you a messy makeup brush owner? What’s your current organisation methods? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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