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Spaghetti and Sausage- Make Tea Time Fun

Another day and another tea time idea for mum. Well not today as we’ve got you covered

Sausage and Sketti

Hello my loves and how are you all? I hope you’re well! I am looking forward to getting back to normality as the summer holidays come to an end. The endless days of snacks are nearly over and we’ll be back to providing endless tea time ideas instead. However my youngest is starting nursery in September so it will have its bitter sweet moments. Do you have school or nursery starters in September? It’s a crazy time isn’t it!

With the holidays having been, I have had to be more inventive with meal times as I have one fussy eater (5 yrs) and one I’ve decided I am not eating this (2 yrs).
I saw a video of this on both Facebook and Twitter various times in the last year or so. As you know I like to try things like this to see if they actually work and this one did! So I present to you ‘Sausage and Sketti’ tea time for kids (or big kids lol).

tea time fun


Tin/Packet of hot dogs,
Tins of Tomatoes, (or use a tomatoe pasta sauce)
Pinch of salt,
Pinch of dry herbs

Tea time fun ideas


  1. Chop the hot dogs into four equal bits.
  2. Feed three pieces of spaghetti through 3/4 slices of sausage.
    This bit can be fiddly, also be careful not to snap the pieces.
    Don’t worry if the spaghetti is not 100% perfectly just
    through is good.
  3. Boil the spaghetti, with the hot dog, as usual and drain gently when done.
  4. Add it back to pot and add the tin of tomatoes add the pinch or two salt and the dry herbs and allow to heat through. You could also fry some veg before adding tomatoes. You can also use some pasta sauce. No judging here mama.
  5. Put in a bowl with a little grated cheese and you could also serve with garlic bread.
Sausage dinner ideas

There you have it my loves a quick simple and very inexpensive tea time meal idea or dinner. I have to say the hardest bit was threading the sausage but the boys enjoyed it so a win! If you have a non veg eater you can blend them fully down and add to to sauce for added veg.

Spaghetti dinner ideas

I love quick and easy meal time ideas. As a mum I know the struggle of feeding our children a varied, healthy diet. It can actually become so tedious having to come up with new ideas for dinner time. So now you don’t have to and have added a new meal to the list.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and do let me know over on my Social Media how you got on. Do you have a creative sinner to share? What’s your go to tea time meals? We have a couple so I may share more in the future. Let me know yours in the comment or click the link above for all my official socials. Thanks for stopping by today my lovelies and I hope to see you here again soon.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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