DIY diffuser

DIY Diffuser

Is your house full of smelly boys like mine? Or you just need that beautiful scent for your home?

Hi my lovelies and how are you all today? I have been busy with birthdays and family outings which is nice. Also being back to our normal routine is nice as I have more time to blog (in peace lol). The first of those blogs is this DIY diffuser. Helping to brighten and refresh any room with their beautiful scents.


Did you know smells are hugely important to humans. Obviously being one of our senses we use it to understand the world. Having familiar or loved smells filling your home. Bringing back memories or just reminding you of your favourite season. Can instantly have a relaxing, uplifting effect. There are so many reasons to get the house smelling fresh. A diffuser is such a simple and quick way to acheive that.

So today’s blog is the next in the Craft and Makes section using my lovely Eden’s Semilla aromatherapy oils and I am making a diy diffuser. I have decided I want something that is fresh and energizing. So I went for mood lifting scents and here it is my loves.


I used 60ml,
Glass bottle,
I bought these two from my local poundland! Such a bargain.
Wooden Kebab Sticks,
Lemongrass Essential Oil,
Cinnamon Essential Oil,
Sweet Orange Essential Oil,



  1. Fill the jar to a 3rd of the way full, I used 60ml to be exact.
  2. Add 5 drops of Cinnamon Oil.
  3. Then mix in 4 drops of Lemongrass.
  4. Add 5 drops of Sweet Orange.
  5. Cut the sharp ends of your wooden kebab sticks, give a little mix and place in the pot.

There you have it my loves it’s so easy. All the oils I used are thought to help with depression, so will help lift your mood. The smell is really sweet but with the cinnamon still has a nice kick to it. Very festive scent actually so maybe one to make at Christmas.
The water can evaporate so you may need to make this every few days but it only took, barely, 5 minutes and it’s 100% natural and worth the time for the beautiful smell!
You should usually use reeds but I find the kebab sticks work fine. I allow them to soak for a couple of hours and then turn them over.

I hope you enjoyed this blog my loves and I still have a couple more up my sleeve in the Crafts and Makes section, so please come and like or follow my Social Media pages and you won’t miss out on a thing!! Thank you for stopping by today as I really appreciate your continued support.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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