DIY Bath Salts

Needing that little extra to help you relax? These DIY Bath Salts are exactly what you need

Hello my lovelies and how are you all? I hope you’re well and ready for an amazing DIY blog inspired by the wonderful Aromatherapy Oils I was kindly sent. With the stresses and strains of life I wanted to share something really useful. Something you can create at home that promotes self care and relaxation. DIY Bath Salts for you all and I have infused three different scents to make a lovely sleep inducing concoction.



There are so many benefits to using bath salts with relaxation at the helm. What if I told you though, through essential oils, that your bath salts can do more? Can they help ease aches and pains? Yes! Can they help with skin problems and flare ups? Yes! Can they help heal and soothe you? YES!! The combination of the salts and oils are amazing. What are you waiting for hun? Get making these DIY bath salts asap.


Epsom Salt 6oz,
Citric Acid 2oz,
Rock Salt 3oz,
Bicarbonate of Soda 3oz,
Lavender Oil,
Bergamot Oil,
Sandalwood Oil,
Food Colouring (optional).
Lavender heads (optional).



  1. Tip all of the dry ingredients into the bowl.
  2. Add 4 drops of lavender.
  3. Mix in 2 drops of Bergamot.
  4. Add 3 drops of Sandalwood.
  5. Mix together gently and break down any lumps that may occur.
  6. You can also add colourant if you wish I added 2 drops at a time until I had my desired colour. Making sure to work out any clumps and really mix well. I would have also made purple but didn’t have red to mix it.
  7. Store in a airtight container or, like I did, dress up an old jar.

That is it!!! How amazing is that! You can have a lovely relaxing bath due to these oils. Sandalwood promotes calm and relaxing. Lavender also helps ease nervous tension and helps ease pain. Finally the Bergamot relaxes you whilst relieving stress so this is really is a triad attack on the stresses and strains of life. Leaving you calm, chilled and relaxed. It really does as I have been using it all week (lol).

The ingredients are really cheap and picked up from either Boots or Wilko’s. Keep your eyes peeled though as most good supermarkets stock the salt. These Salts smell amazing and really are a treat. You could top them with lavender heads and even give as a gift.


Well my loves that is it for today and I hope you love the DIY bath salts. If you would like to try this out why not pop over to Eden’s Semilla -Amazon and grab yourself one of their amazing sets. I still have so many more left to use and I am so excited! I can’t wait to share them with you my loves so keep your eyes peeled over on my social media pages and you won’t miss out on a single thing. If you want more DIY blogs then you can check out my DIY Bath Bomb post. Until next time my loves, take care.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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