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What are essential oils used for? Why you should and more in today’s blog

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another blog. I hope you are well and ready for a lesson in essential oils. What they Do? How you can use them? It’s all covered in this blog.


The wonderful Eden’s Semilla were very kind to send me a whole haul of their Aromatherapy essentials oils. I instantly realised I needed a lesson in what they are, what they do and how I could use them to my advantage. Here I will share what I found and will give a more personal opinion on these oils.


Tea Tree

Now, I do know that you can use Tea tree oil for spots. You know immediately took care of two large spots on face (ewww I know but it happens). I swear down two applications and they were gone!! One drop covered both and they were gone. So from that point it is AMAZING!!

With a little bit more research found on WebMD. We Tea Tree oil can also help with a whole heap of different ailments. From acne and colds to toothache! It’s a wonder oil and with winter on the approach I think this may come in handy for chesty coughs. Few drops in a bath or used in a diffuser. It will help kill bacteria and smells sweet and peppery, WINNER.



Lemongrass is known for it’s anti inflammatory properties which excited me! I haven’t shared much about this on my blog but I suffer with a rare hip problem. Swollenness and aches and pains are part of my normal day. However, I am hoping that by adding a few drop of this to a bath. Even applying direct, once diluted, to my skin, will help. After a skin test as I’ve never used it before. I’ll let you know how that goes.
Also while researching lemongrass. I found out over at organicfacts.net, that is also helps as an anti-depressant and with body odour amoung a slew of various other benefits!
The smell is strong but very nice and with that lemon citrus blast very refreshing.
After using this in the bath after a particularly achy day I can say it helped relax me. I don’t know if it helped with the pain really but I was more relaxed which was nice.



So the second I saw this one I was over the moon! I LOVE CINNAMON! It’s smells peppery with that main scent of aniseed and I love it. Christmas pasts come flooding to my mind and I long for those cold nights toasty in my house with my cuppa and blanket. Twinkling lights and bare trees outside! Yessssss!
I know I am going to use this in a diffuser for Christmas time and I will probably make some bath salts at Christmas either for myself or as gifts. (keep your eyes peeled guys)
However cinnamon oil has a lot more benefits as well. I learnt over at draxe.com that this would work perfectly with the lemon grass as it to has anti-bacterial properties, helps fight depression and also helps with inflammation. I think that’s settles what will be in my next bath.



I’m not going to lie I wasn’t very keen on the smell on it’s own but feel it would smell nice mixed with the Tea Tree oil and perhaps another one. I’m couldn’t put my finger on it though as at first it smelt sweet and just like a rose.
I checked out stylecraze.com to check out other benefits and it has properties that help with congestions and colds etc. However the one I am interested in is where they say it can help with bags wrinkles and toning of the skin (once diluted). I feel a test coming on my loves!!


Pine Tree

The smell of this is very fresh. I want to say a slight hint of mintyness. It has a similar scent to Tea Tree but a little more peppery and sweet and the same time.
The globalhealingcenter.com says that the benefits of Pine Tree oil again are many. Again being used for skin problems, aches and pains and also can help dry scalp or dandruff.
I’m thinking that with all these essential oils that help fight spots I may make a steam bath with them and let you know how I did it and got on at a later date.



I really like the smell of this as it has a woody sweet smell. It is strong but balanced out with a sweeter oil I think it would be perfect!
Now I do know that bergamot can help if you struggle to sleep so perhaps you can drop it in the bath or you as a diffuser. I also know because of that is also a relaxant so would be perfect for little ones who find it difficult to settle.
The other benefits of bergamot, thanks to sustainablebabysteps.com, I can also add it to my steam bath to help skin and fight spots!



It definitely smells like peppermint (mmmm) I think this will be going into my Christmas bath salt mix!!
However I was really intrigued to find out the other benefits of peppermint as I have never even thought about using it for anything other than teeth!(lol)
Thanks to articles.mercola.com the first thing I saw was that it helps with breastfeeding/birth related nipple problems and for my mum readers this may be invaluable. However apply in between feeds and wash off with a clean warm cloth after a while perhaps.
It also would appear that it can be used for a lot of various stomach problems so again I think I may make a drinks list including recipes for the essential oils that can be consumed!! (Please chack if your essential oils are suitable for consumption before ingesting)



So first off everyone knows lavender helps you sleep and relax so this would go great with the bergamot for a double whammy (zzzzzz).
I have to admit though I don’t like the smell of lavender as I find it……I’m not sure!! I am sat here smelling it over and over (which is not nice for me) to try and put my finger on it but I can’t. I think blended with the bergamot and perhaps a few more it can it’s job and smell lovely.
The other benefits of lavender essential oils are similar to the bergamot. mindbodygreen.com says that it can be used for relaxation and sleep. Also though it seems effective as an anti-bacterial for cuts and burns etc (always seek medical advice for injuries) .
I think I will end using the sleep/relaxation oils in bath salts definitely so look out for those.



This has such a strange smell. It’s so hard to describe but I shall try. A strong wooden smell but also blended with a berry smell. Very masculine I would say. It’s nice and although strong has a sweetness to the end smell that stays with you.
I was really excited about this one as I’ve never seen or smelt frankincense but I have to say it is a nice scent.
According to articles.mercola.com it can help speed up healing of small cuts, spots and is also good for the roots of your hair. I am not sure I want my hair smelling like that though so maybe use it with conditioner as a hair mask.


Sweet Orange

I’m going to be honest again and admit I am not a huge fan of orange flavoured or scented things. However this smells a bit like sweets and I think blended with the right heavier scented oils could be amazing.
I think I may use this through the autumn with the cinnamon and another complimentary oil.
The benefits of this oil I found on organicfacts.net again and it would go well with the lavender and bergamot. It’s properties are that of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-depressant among more.



The smell of this is just gorgeous and probably one of my favourites!! It’s sweet and subtle and is often used as perfume ingredient because it’s lovely.
I WILL be using this in a bath salt recipe JUST for the smell!!

According to thefitindian.com it also has anti-aging properties (wahoo!) and also helps with darkness of the skin like dark spots or black bags (another wahoo!). It is basically a big thumbs up for your face!



Straight off it smells like olbas oil! That tells me it helps with colds and sinus relief and after checking draxe.com that is correct.
It also is used as an odour remover which can come in handy living with three males. You can also use it as a cleaning agent when diluted slightly.

That is all the essential oils I have but I want to say a huge thanks to Eden’s Semilla once again for sending me these beautiful aromatic oils. If you like the sounds of some these lovely benefits then head over to Amazon and order these oils in sets or separately at really reasonable prices.
I also have a few good ideas on some DIY blogs I am going to share with you in next few weeks incorporating the knowledge I have gained on aromatherapy oils. I also know thanks to an earlier Jojoba Oil Review the quality will be amazing as I still use my jojoba (infact needing to order more).

Thank you for stopping by my lovelies and head over to my Social Media pages and don’t miss out on the exciting crafts and makes I will be sharing with you loves.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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