Jojoba Oil Review Part 2

Hello my loves and welcome to the second half of the Eden’s Semilla jojoba oil review. If you missed the first half you can find it here Jojoba Oil Review.I’m going to get straight on with it

Hello my loves and welcome to the second half of the Eden’s Semilla jojoba oil review. If you missed the first half you can find it here Jojoba Oil Review.
I’m going to get straight on with it today so here were go.

jojoba oil

Day 8 Using Jojoba Oil

Today I washed my face with my T-Zone gel wash however before I applied my oil, I had face steam with my trusty bowl and towel! I added three drops to the water as I thought, well why not!! I also treated myself to a 7th Heaven face mask afterwards. (I’ll post a review for this soon!) So after this is when I applied.
I am still really enjoying this oil, as my skin is feeling healthier and sooo much more hydrated. I am also still adding 3 to 4 drops in my conditioner again too.


Day 9

So today I had my haircut and the hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair was. I did go in with a birds nest though, so he may have been shocked by how nice it actually is (lol). I also used my T-Zone exfoliator today and then applied my oil. As this is coming to the end I am seriously considering buying another jar. I wouldn’t use it every day as I like to have a tea tree or antiseptic based moisturize a few times a week. Just to give my skin a bit of help fighting spots.

Day 10

I used my normal gel and oil routine and as I said my skin feels really plump all the time. Really hydrated and I love how my makeup applies after using this product.
I also really love the smell a gentle lemon scent but not to over powering. It’s a really clean and refreshing smell. I also added to my conditioner again and I can really feel the difference in the hydration, and there for the health, of my hair. I love this as I have wild curly hair and need to be careful with over conditioning.


Day 11

I washed my face with my gel again today but I also had light steam again so I could use my spot wand. Again I used the jojoba oil on the in the water as I wanted to remove blackheads mostly. I found it really helped with the removing them easily as my pores were open and with the oil assisting it was amazing!! I then cleansed and toned after this and again applied my oil as usual.


Day 12

Exfoliating today and oiled.
I haven’t taken any selfies in between the first and the last one as I want to see the difference as you guys do. However, I can clearly see a big difference in my skin with less flaking and dryness, which is just brilliant. But also a much more even tone all over which again is really amazing. It’s safe to assume I added it to my conditioner again.

Day 13

Today I used my gel again and then the oil afterwards and I am shocked at the visible result in only two weeks. I will be most interested in seeing my under eye area in comparison to my first selfie.
I have also suffered fewer spots which is always a bonus and the ones that have appeared are gone quickly. It really is good

Day 14

Today is the last day of my review and I will, of course, stick to my normal routine of gel and oil (I am so unpredictable!! lol).
Here however is the moment you’ve all been waiting for (lol) another makeup-less selfie but hey at least my skin look good!!

edenSemillaMore even skin tone, my nose and cheeks are not red, less spots and reduced pimples!!!

Let’s move on to the final review of this product.
As I said throughout this blog I really do like this product. I like the scent, the bottle it comes in with the little pipette. I like that I can use it on my face, hair and nails. My favourite thing about this oil is that it didn’t feel oily or greasy on my skin as that is never nice.

The one thing I would change is perhaps the thickness of the pipette as I was really concerned it may snap. It is really thin which makes it worrying when putting in the bottle. Apart from that, I can not argue with the quality of this product. It comes in a 60ml dropper pot costing £10.95 or a 120ml pot for £12. 95 (subject to p&p) but it really is worth the money. You can purchase yours at and not only can you purchase the jojoba oil. They have a variety of other all-natural oils on offer so be sure to check that out.

I would like to say a huge, HUGE thank you to Eden’s Semilla again not just for sending me this product but for bringing it to my attention. Without a shadow of a doubt it will be added to my steam baths from now on, my conditioner and as a face moisturizer at least 4 nights a week. Make sure you check out their website linked variously through this blog. Also, come to say hi on my Social Media pages and keep up to date.
Again thank you to Eden’s Semilla for making this blog possible and I will see you next time. Thanks for stopping by guys!

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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