Jojoba Oil Review

Hello, my loves and welcome to another review and this time I will be trying the Eden’s Semilla Jojoba oil. This was kindly sent to me to try and blog about, thank you so much

Hello, my loves and welcome to another review and this time I will be trying the Eden’s Semilla Jojoba oil. This was kindly sent to me to try and blog about, thank you so much loves!!!! It can be used on skin, hair and nails however before we start I decided to look into why jojoba is good for these areas.


I went and checked out Web MD and it said that the nuts come from Mexico and parts of the USA. It’s said that Jojoba oil is used for acne, psoriasis and sunburn but it is also a key ingredient in makeup and skincare products. It soothes skins and can unclog hair follicles so it has been used when people are balding to help stimulate hair growth.

How Does It Work?

Jojoba does this because it is an emollient and what that means it is a moisturiser and is used for skin flaking or skin irritations.
With that aside, I have a feeling this is going to be great as Eden’s Semilla is cold-pressed and unrefined jojoba oil, Now this is the secret and it’s how it was made. The cold-pressed part means that the temperature was being controlled as it was made meaning it kept more of its natural vitamins, scent and colour. Also unrefined refers to how it was processed and the unrefined basically means no chemicals and the liquid was squeezed out by a machine. This means it’s better for you and your skin as it’s 100% natural.

Let’s move on to trying it! I will keep two weeks worth of updates for you. However, I will post in two separate blogs. One today and another a week from now as it was one blog, one very long blog. I will also add a before and after pictures so we can all see how well it’s worked. I will apply this as part of my night routine.

Day 1

So I received my bottle of Eden’s Semilla yesterday and obviously, the first thing I did was smell it. It had a very subtle but nice citrus smell, more lemon leaves than anything else but very refreshing. I exfoliated my face with my T-Zone Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub. I then had a small 5-minute steam bath with a bowl and a towel. Dried my face with a clean towel and then applied the jojoba oil.

It came with a really handy pipette that you replace the lid with. Using 3 small drops on each of my cheeks, 3 on my forehead and 1 on both the chin and nose. I also used one small drop per nail. I was concerned it would have a greasy feel due to being an oil but I was so wrong! It absorbed really fast and also left my skin so soft I am now really keen and excited to see what it will achieve after 2 weeks!!
Here’s my before picture…


Day 2

Today I used my T-Zone Clear Pore Gel Facial Wash and then also used their cleanser and toner. I then applied the oil again and I can already feel a difference in the hydration of my skin. I also used 3 drops in my conditioner today and am excited to see how a couple of uses will change it? It also doesn’t over-moisturize my T-Zone making it extra greasy which for me is essential. I will keep you updated but at the moment I am really loving this product and glad I have come across it.

Day 3

Today I had the same routine as yesterday and I can clearly see and feel the results already. My skin tone looks more even and after using a spot wand (Superdrug one here) I found my blackheads and therefor, my pores as well are reduced! Also, my skin feels really plump and soft.

jojoba oil blog

Day 4

I used my exfoliator again today and then applied the same amount. Adding it to my conditioner again and my nails. I’ve noticed my nails are getting a bit stronger so I will continue using it on that and see how it goes. I also again added a few drops to my conditioner and I’ve noticed my hair is really soft but not floppy! I find if I over condition my hair becomes greasy and really flat to my head. This is like having a little mask every time you wash!! It’s given my hair the added moisture it so needed. Especially with all the hot weather recently.

Day 5

I actually had two large spots (#ewww #boohoo). I again used my spot wand then washed my face with my gel facial wash and. Dried with a clean towel and guys that is so essential! I also spent the day makeup-free to help the situation and I then applied my jojoba oil as normal. Let’s see tomorrow if it’s help!

Day 6

Now, know you’re all dying to hear about my spots right? On a serious note, the jojoba really helped. I have noticed a massive decrease in redness and also it seems to have dried it quickly. Hopefully should be gone in a day or two, instead of a week! I used the same routine as yesterday with the T-Zone gel wash and then the oil. I also added it again to my conditioner my hair is feeling really hydrated too.

jojoba oil

Day 7

Today’s routine was exfoliating and oil. Again more redness reduction in my spots and they’ll be completely unnoticeable by tomorrow. I’m also finding my makeup is applying better as my skin feels so hydrated and I’m still surprised when it absorbs quickly. There’s nothing worse than that greasy feeling

That’s where we’ll leave it today but my initial feeling is this is actually a great product. I love how hydrated my skin is and my concerns that it might oily were put straight.

Until next time loves be sure to be keeping up to date with my Social Media pages and thank you for stopping by today. I really, truly do appreciate it.

Lots of Love
Tahnee xxx

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