July Favourites – Best Beauty Picks

Hello my loves and how are we all this fine Thursday? I hope you are all well and ready for the weekend! What are your weekend plans? Maybe you have some pampering planned? Today I

Hello my loves and how are we all this fine Thursday? I hope you are all well and ready for the weekend! What are your weekend plans? Maybe you have some pampering planned? Today I have decided to share my best beauty picks and I have been wanting to do this for a while. After not practising my favourite kind of self-care for the past few years I didn’t really have any ‘favourites’. So here they are.

july favourite best beauty products

Mua Wild Berry Matte Lipstick

best beauty makeup mua wild berry lipstick

So if you follow my Instagram you already know I am so in love with the lipstick! First of all the shade is just gorgeous. Deep red which adds that pop to any look and I love that it’s matte. However, the formula is not to dry or leaving your lips feeling dry and dehydrated.
The price was also insane at only £1 from either Superdrug or the MUA store. You can not go wrong with this lippy! I wear with the MUA brooding plum lip liner just to give it a nice finish.

MUA Lilac Belle Matte Lipstick

Best beauty mua lipstick lilac belle

So MUA is just killing it with the lipstick, to be honest, and I am mainly wearing this alongside the Wildberry. I love the lilac belle as the shade is vibrant but subtle. I have seen this colour on many people over the past month or two and I loved it. Again only £1 for this best beauty pick. Also, this two is a matte as I am not really into glosses or glitter this year so the MUA mattes are beyond perfect for me!

T-zone Cleanser

july fave cleanser

Now if I am being honest, for me this is a ‘life’ favourite! I have been using this product since a young teen and have never needed to change. It STRIPS your face of any leftover make up you missed, dirt and helps balance my T-zone keeping it dry and flake-free.
I always apply moisturiser afterwards and my skin always feels clean and healthy. This has also managed to keep large spots away and never have had them badly. Perhaps it is this that has always kept my skin well. I use most of their other products and find them all amazing! If you are interested pop over to T-zone and order yours now. This had to be a best beauty pick for me!

Wella Perfect Me

Wella perfect me best beauty hair care

This is my go-to hair product and it’s the Wella Perfect Me lotion. You add only a pea size amount to wet or dry hair. It smells divine and has that real salon quality about it. It leaves my hair feeling healthier and thicker. More importantly, it keeps my hair healthy and it was just what my curls needed. It is a bit expensive considering it’s a hair product but it is very worth it. Just for the delicious smell alone (lol)

7th Heaven Face Masks

7th heaven face mask best beauty

You all know already how much I am in love with the 7th Heaven Face mask collections. I always have been and always will be a 7thH addict and this month I’m loving their Red Hot Earth Sauna mask. As it begins to warm up it can feel strange. This mask leaves your skin feeling really taken care of. Wipe with a cleansing wipe after and you can see and feel the difference!! This mask would be great if you’re trying to really clean pores of dirt or blackheads. Opening the pores with warm which is just what they need. Leaving your skin clean and clear!

There you have it the first-ever ‘Favourites’ blog and I do hope you enjoyed my best beauty picks. The products on this list are all fantastic and all at reasonable prices. Don’t miss out my Social Media pages if you’re feeling clicky.

Lots of Love


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    1. They are great aren’t they! N yes I massively agree you should buy wild berry lol it’s stunning 😉 xx

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