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Hello, my lovelies and how are all? I do hope you’re well and enjoying the summer? The weather is finally starting to co-operate to! It’ll be time to style out some cute jewellery inspiration moments!

Hello, my lovelies and how are all? I do hope you’re well and enjoying the summer? The weather is finally starting to co-operate to! It’ll be time to style out some cute jewellery inspiration moments!

Jewellery Inspiration

Today I am sharing my jewellery with you. Day to day I only wear two rings (technically three) but I usually pick out bits dependent on my outfit!
Here is a small selection of the 2 boxes I have but these are my favourite pieces. I will where I can add where I got them from but a few were gifts so I’m not sure where they are from. However, I hope you enjoy it…………


myjewl1 (4)

The ring on the right is my engagement ring, purchased from H Samuel. I love this ring and chose it myself as my partner was worried he’d pick the wrong one, I am so fussy with my jewellery. The second ring is a gift I purchased with some money left to me by wonderful Nan. We lost her sadly to dementia in March 2015 and I wanted something to wear that would remind me of her daily. I am also participating in the #Memorywalk2016 in honour of her memory. If you’re are interested in helping those suffering with this awful disease links will be below.

Necklace Inspiration

myjewl1 (1)This is some gorgeous jewellery inspiration right here! My partner bought me for Christmas and I was so pleased as I LOVE IT! I had already spotted in B&M but had no idea he had purchased for me. I like to wear this with strap tops, usually black, and my fit blazer. It brings a real pop to any outfit and I feel really stylish when I’m wearing it as I know it’s a really gorgeous statement piece! I found some great examples on eBay with amazing price tags to match.

myjewl1 (2).JPG
Again I love this necklace as it is almost a choker but has a bit more Umph. Kim Kardashian jewellery inspiration for sure. Again I like to wear this with a blazer as it looks really smart/casual and perfect for a dinner with family and friends. Sadly I can’t remember where I purchased this but I found loads on the Google Shopping page at all prices so go check it out if you like this.
This is actually the most recent piece I have bought, it arrived this morning, and I am thrilled. The little heart is so pretty and I could wear my hair down and pin the bead at the back for a plain black choker instead. I purchased this from eBay for an amazing £2.29!!! They also had both clear and black heart chokers to match with every summer outfit!

Bangles and Bracelets

myjewl1 (3)
I do own a fair few bracelets but since I was a child I have had a passion for cuffs and bangles. These are my current favourites and they’ve been staple pieces for me for about 2 years now. I LOVE chunky jewellery, as you can tell lol, and I love the pretty patterns on these. I will wear any of these whenever I feel my outfit needs something bit….well, more. It always does the trick and makes my outfit have that polished and finished look.
These were gifts from my partner and I have no clue where from and he doesn’t remember. So I found both  Amazon and eBay example for you.


myjewl1 (5).JPGFinally is a set of earrings. I don’t actually wear earring often I have two cheeky monkeys and I worry about pulling. However, I do throw a pair on every now and then and I love these. They’re a little bit more particular with the colours but whenever I do get a chance to wear them out I do. Peacocks are also a huge part of the culture of my town so always a nice reminder of home as well. I actually purchased these from Poundland but their products change all the time so I found some on trusty Amazon for you. Again there are some fab prices on them! (I got you, I got you!)

Well, my loves that is all from today and I hope you enjoyed a little look into my jewellery box. I really enjoyed sharing them with you and hope you’re fully jewellery inspired now.

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Until next time (we all know it’s Thursday lol) take care and stay stylish my loves.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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