Trust Deodorant – The Best Deodorant?

It’s very exciting and I’m grateful to say I got SENT my first product to review (YAY). So I would like to say a huge thank you to Trust for sending me some of their

It’s very exciting and I’m grateful to say I got SENT my first product to review (YAY). So I would like to say a huge thank you to Trust for sending me some of their deodorants. Long-lasting, odour preventing. Meaning I could do this awesome collab with what is potentially the best deodorant ever?

It should be noted this is not an antiperspirant but an odour eliminator. It may not be a subject us ladies want to discuss or admit to. However, with summer nearly upon us, B.O is a risk I’m not willing to take. As many people who know me, know also if you don’t, I can be a sweaty person (Ewww)! I think it’s because I am also naturally really hairy. Won’t lie, on some days I can be like ‘phew is that me? Time to reapply!!’.


Especially when doing more than usual in the heat etc. I am excited to use this product and see if I have a new FAIL PROOF deodorant. Not only for summer but hopefully for life.

best deodorant

Day 0 – 16th June 2016

I received my package from Trust today. The first thing I thing did was to open it and smell it! Am I only one who does that? I know I’m not but you won’t be disappointed here. It was a cleansing and refreshing lime scent. I love lime scented products as I feel like the citrus smell instantly makes you feel fresher and cleaner.

The instructions said to apply it to freshly cleaned and dried armpits before bed. I am classing today as day 0. So I have done that and now I may not have to reapply for 3 – 6 days???? The reason is that the Trust formula doesn’t aim to mask the bacteria causing the odour. It’s formulated to decrease the bacteria meaning you’re fresher for longer. It isn’t affected by bathing either so this product really could be a must-have for me!
After applying the scent is really fresh and fragrant. It applied well and didn’t feel greasy or tacky at all. Now tomorrow I will do a sniff test and update you (I’m so classy lol).

Day 1 – 17th June 2016

So this morning is smelling fine which is good but did only apply it last night. I will let you know later on in the day how it held up to a busy life of a blogging mother of two little boys as there is no better test (lol).
So it’s now the evening and it’s smelling fine and that’s even after a shower! That’s after two school runs, 2 dog walks, the humid weather, housework and cooking dinner in a small and hot kitchen!! So far so good just wish the I had sunshine and sunbathing to test it with.

Day 2 – 18th June

Again this morning they were fine but I feel like I SHOULD put some deodorant on now out of habit (lol) but I will wait until tomorrow and reapply then as it can be applied every 3 – 6 days.
Overall though still holding well and again I will let you know later how well it made it through the day.
It held up fine again, no whiff of anything! It’s really impressive as I was particularly sweaty today because of this humid, wet Wiltshire weather. It definitely seems this does its job!

trust the best deodorant for body odour

Day 3 – 19th June

So today the deodorant had to contend with another humid and wet day. Chasing after the two boys all day, another 2 dog walks and a sweaty and hot roast cooking (for Fathers Day). Today however there is a slight whiff of, not sweat or b.o, just a faint something. So after my shower later I will reapply the deodorant and see how it holds for the rest of the week. Going by the past few days I would only need to apply deodorant TWICE a week!!!!
I’m starting to think this is a really good product to introduce teens to deodorant as and when you first need it. it’s so easy to forget. Not what you want at the smelliest time of your life!! This product is going to keep you covered.

Day 4 – June 20th

After re-applying I again feel fresh and am smell free. I also love the fact that there is no stickiness or wetness after you apply. It’s has a texture of balm or moisturiser and is absorbed into your skin straight away. Exactly what you want from your deodorant.

One problem I do have is that because of the pot not having an applicator you have to use your fingers and that can be a pain. I can also see an applicator gathering germs unless you clean it after each use so I’d rather wash my hands quickly! Instead, I use a clean plastic spoon (lol). I can honestly look past the lack of applicator though and will place an order as I love the convenience of Trust.

Cracked on with a worked out today. I am only allowed to do light workouts due to medical reasons, so worked up a bit of a sweat and it hasn’t let me down!
Towards this weekend the weather is supposed to get hotter so I’m looking forward to seeing how it stands up to the heat.

the best deodorant for summer

Day 8 June 23rd

So I re-applied last night as there was a very very faint scent there and I’m interested to see if it will last longer than last time? It lasted 3 day then 4 and remember it can last up to SIX days for some people! I am also getting used to only apply a every few days and it really is a weight off your mind. I’ve just added it to my bathing routine as and when I need to. It is so convenient I love it.
I was also at my little boys sports day today on a particular humid day with a crowd of people and still showing no signs of letting me down.

Day 10 June 25th

So I was not feeling well today and all though it was a bit crappy for me it was a great test for the deodorant. I kept getting really hot and sweaty but still I can smell nothing! The Scent as I said is a lime scent but even that wears off after a while and it’s just nothing, unless you’re wearing perfume.

Day 12 June 27th

I re-applied again last night as I was still not feeling well and sweating a bit again but again it lasted four days and that is awesome. Only having to apply deodorant essentially once a week! I know that sounds a bit ewww (lol). Honestly though it’s not like your not washing your arm pits in between it really does work. This again is because of the natural ingredients.
My purchase has already been placed and I will probably never use another deodorant again unless it’s an emergency. I really mean it that it does work and is a definate must have for the summer!!

the best deodorant for body odour

Day 14 June 29th – Is it the best deodorant?

So today is the last day of my test and I am in bed not feeling great again! But do you know what I don’t have to worry about???? B.O!
I will re-apply again tomorrow and it has just slotted perfectly in to my routine and genuinely made my life a little bit easier! You never have to worry about smelling bad again. A quick sniff before your bath or like me choose days to use it and you know 100% that you’re covered.

So after trying this product for the 2 weeks I have I applied this deodorant only 4 times and I have to say it really does work! I felt fresh and covered the whole time and it became some thing I didn’t need to worry about. .
There are so many reasons I think Trust is great though and one of which is how free of every thing it is! It contains all natural and herbal ingredients and is also aluminium free. Also teens, men, woman basically any one who needs a deodorant can use it. It’s great and best of all a tub will last you at least 2 months. However if irritation does occur at any point stop using it and don’t use it again. Not every ones skin is the same and you don’t want to cause yourself harm.

So if you decide you would like to try this product for your self then get over here to buy some on I would suggest if this is some thing you suffer with definitely give it a try and they also have a foot deodorant as well so if you suffer there I can imagine that would be just as reliable as the under arm one.


As I said I will definitely be placing an order as I love how convenient it is and as a mum, every minute saved is another hot cup of tea I might get to actually have (lol). I hope you enjoyed this blog and I hope it helps someone be more confident and have less to worry about!

A big thank you to Trust again for sending me this product. I won’t be without it again. (edit: I’m still purchasing and using this in 2020 so really is amazing)

Until next time my lovelies take care of your selves or you can come say hi over on my socials.

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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