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Hello my lovelies and welcome to another #SurpriseSunday blog, how are you? Did you have a relaxing break with the children? I popped into the next town over with my lad to get Fathers Day

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another #SurpriseSunday blog, how are you? Did you have a relaxing break with the children? I popped into the next town over with my lad to get Fathers Day presents and picked up my own mini lifestyle haul oops! It also includes the delivery I had that day as well so here it is


The items below were an absolute steal and are going to be great this summer. We have the mandatory ice lolly maker but what I really loved about them is they are individual cups, NO SPILLING!! Secondly, I love the little straws so again helping against spilling it which is great for little ones. It’s going to save me money but also opens a huge possibility of flavours which excites me.


Next, we have giant chalks for outside drawing and I LOVE them! We had them last year and the kids decorated the patio (You know I 100% joined in lol). So I got some again this year as they don’t really last any longer than that. They will last the summer definitely and provide lots of creative fun. You can use either a bucket or wait for rain and it washes it off.
Now for the incredible bit and that’s they were £1 each! I picked these up from my local  Poundland and couldn’t be happier with my bargain!

Finally we have 3 pairs of sunglasses also from Poundland and I always buy a pair every year. I do have a designer pair but if I’m going out to a place I  may lose them then I always wear my cheapies! Stick to Aviators for your cheap pair of sunglasses. They never look cheap even when they are if that makes sense. I also buy my little boys theirs there as well as they could be lost or broken at any point so I refuse to pay huge amounts for their shades. Another bargain for £3 for all of them.



Next up is my Superdrug purchases and I bought myself a new foundation. Considering I found the Primer amazing, I decided to try the Barry M ‘Matte Foundation. I’m really hoping this is as reliable as their primer.

With the warmer weather coming in, I invested in a Rimmel Bronzer. I hate feeling washed out when everyone else is beautifully tanned so this should help. I couldn’t link the Bronzer as it wasn’t on the site so you’ll have to go in-store to purchase. Can’t wait to try these though and will most likely use them in a make-up blog so keep your eyes peeled. The foundation was £5.99 and the Bronzer was about the same price at £5.99.

Online Lifestyle Haul

Finally, for this mini lifestyle haul is what I received in the post and the first one was sheer impatience and that is the Sweet Inspiration range from the lovely Zoella. I could have waited for the full release in store but I really wanted to try these two items since the first pictures came out. The rest of the products will be invested in the other bits in the range when I go to Superdrug next. I will say that the smell of these products is incredible. So creamy with a lovely hint of Vanilla. I can’t wait to try them!

Last but not least is my Everything£5 boots and all I can say is “urghughrgughr” (lol). I LOVE these boots. Boots are great to wear with cute dresses and shorts in the summer. Especially if you live in the countryside and mud is plentiful. I love the little chain and buckle detail. It gives them just that little bit more detail that your always looking for in a boot!
haul_blog2_2Well, my lovelies I hope you enjoyed this #SurpriseSunday and I hope you come back tomorrow for the scheduled blog to start your week right! Have you found any amazing deals this week?
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my loves, eat, laugh and rest well.
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Lots of Love


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    1. Thanks for commenting hun and OMG they’re are lush! The smell is so creamy and gorgeous. Really nice vanilla tones! Yummy 🙂 x

      1. lucky you!! What a kind Mum you have! N they really are gorgeous smelling xx

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