Tanya Burr Cosmetics – Makeup Review

Influencer makeup? Just another money grab or actually decent products? Let’s find out

Hello lovelies I do hope your a wonderful! Today we’re looking at Tanya Burr Cosmetics. However, I have been busy spring cleaning this week which is one of the best and worst things. It takes to long but your house feels lush after! What have you been up to this weekend? I hope if you had exam (besides Biology) you’re feeling good about them?! However let’s get on with it shall we?


Today’s blog is a little review on the Tanya Burr cosmetic range available at Superdrug among other places. The pieces I am reviewing today are the Hollywood eye palette, Just peachy lipgloss and (my favourite) Perfect brow.

Starting with the packaging and I love it! It reminds me of a classy old sweet shop (lol) the stripes and the little frill around the edge is so cute and chic. I also love the little heart detail on the gloss, it’s always the little things.

Tanya Burr makeup

Hollywood Eye Palette

I really like the colours in this palette as I’m a pale person naturally. These nice neutral brown and cream shades are what work best with my blue eyes, pale skin and brown hair (not the greatest combo lol). I also love the addition of the golden glitter colour and I mean LOVE!! It’s what makes this such a versatile palette. As a day to day I go for the neutral colours and add a nice pop of the glitter to it for a more dressier look. The actual eye shadow is also really soft so they blend really nicely but it doesn’t compromise the colour.

Tanya Burr Just Peachy Lipgloss

Ok so I am not theee biggest fan of lipgloss…..there I said, it’s out there! I can’t deal with my lips sticking together and not to mention my hair. However I really like this gloss as it’s not to sticky or thick but still gives that sheen. I also really love the natural colour as I really love a nude lip but some times you want a bit more. This is that bit more!!! I also like the wand which we ALL know is just as important as the actual gloss! It has a strange flat circle, pill shape (idk it’s hard to describe 🙁 picture below lol) which is great when your applying. Also because of the rounded edge it stays within your lips better and it’s always annoying when you end up with gloss every where from a bad wand!


Perfect Brows

So I definitely saved the best for last, most definite. The Perfect Brow kit is amazing for so many reasons and one is the tweezers! The little tweezers are so handy and pretty much every time I use this product I notice a few stray hairs and I’m always losing my tweezers (is this just me lol?). They have their own little slot so they’re not going any where! Secondly is the brush as the little angled brush is perfect for when applying. All though I thought it being small would make it difficult to use it actually gave me better control of the brush meaning better eye brows (yay). Lastly is the actual powder it self and again, like the eye shadow, it’s so blend-able. This is perfect for me as there are obviously the 3/4 standard colours you get in eye brow kits. I find they’re usually to dark or to light for me but with this kit I can blend the medium brown and the light colour to get the right one for me. I absolutely love this kit and recommend you try it!


Me wearing the products

Any way my lovelies I really hope you enjoyed this blog today. I enjoyed writing this one as I am some times disappointed with ‘Celeb’ products as they can be a bit naff. You can really tell that Tanya and all others involved made sure they were good quality items to avoid this stigma! I can’t wait to treat myself to some more of these goodies for my makeup bag! The only problem is deciding what I should try next! What would you suggest? What’s your favourite Tanya Burr product? Let me know in the comment or over on Facebook Tahnees Blog, Twitter @TahneeBlog or on Insta tahnee_blog! Appreciate all your support lovelies.

Until next time,

Lots of Love

Tahnee xxx

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    1. They really are! Excited about her new bits coming!! Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate the support! xxx

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