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Hello everyone! I hope today finds you well and ready to look and feel amazing? Today I am talking about Forever Living. Yes, those Aloe products that have been bombarding your Facebook feed! The business


Hello everyone! I hope today finds you well and ready to look and feel amazing? Today I am talking about Forever Living. Yes, those Aloe products that have been bombarding your Facebook feed! The business was founded in 1978 in Arizona and has continued to flourish. Meaning it is a well-established company. So, what’s all the fuss I hear you ask? This is where you find out the list of reasons become endless. From treating inflamed skin (SPOTS people!) to a wide range of medical reasons. If you like to know more check out WebMD. The reason aloe is so good is that it has bioactive compounds (something that has an effect on a living organism), including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It also has anti-bacterial properties.


Forever Living Tried and Tested

So with all that sorted let’s crack on with the products themselves! I was given a lovely sample of products to try. Thank you to one of my local reps Rebecca. to try but I’ve decided to review 3 here for you. Overall there were TEN different samples to try (lucky me)

The first one I tried was the Hand and Face Soap. THIS PRODUCT! I’m going to say straight away that this is my favourite. The bottle to start is a pump pot so always easy to use which I like, never can stand too much faffing. The smell of the soap was subtle but smelt clean and fresh. The gel foamed really nicely which is also important for some when washing.

Hand and Face Soap?

I washed my hands first and then my face so it was left really clean and fresh. It really was so silky and after my usual moister routine felt AMAZING! Plus this is a family-friendly product so it can be used on everyone. One last thing I’m not sure anyone is aware of yet is how amazing it is for washing make up brushes! I just used a small amount in some warm water, massaged well with my thumbs, rinsed in clean water and left to dry, BOOM perfect clean brushes and works on sponges too. This product really is amazing.


Face Scrub

The second product I tried was the face scrub and again this product was really good. It had a thick consistency so felt good on the skin and worked well. Not in a heavy way but it covered every bit of my face really nicely. Plus the microbeads in it were really small making sure none of the face areas was missed. I am prone to flaking skin around my eyebrows and it cleared that really well. The smell was a really delicate cucumbery smell that was like a real spa product! I really did enjoy this product and it left my skin soft and fresh.


Marine Mask

The last product I tried was the Marine Mask (I love facemasks!!!) and this mask was really easy and fuss-free to apply. It was a thick gel with a natural and again subtle smell but felt nice on. It dried to a clear colour and only took about 15 mins to dry fully. Washing it off was easy and once I had my skin was really oil-free which is a real bonus for all of us T-zoners (insert sad emoticon). I really did like this product and would be great for when my skin is having an oily outbreak.


Overall I think the amount of publicity this product has had on most of our Facebook’s feeds have, perhaps, made people dismiss it as ‘another fad’ but I have to say this is not the case. I actually tried some of the products when they were first introduced in the UK and can say that their moisturisers are not for me. Not because they’re bad but because they hydrate too much and as I said I’m prone to oily skin. The washes and face products seem fab. I would suggest you at least try them.

Anyway my lovelies, thank you for joining me for another blog, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m so glad you did and be on your merry way with new aloe knowledge and if you’re looking for more check out Authoritynutrition.

Don’t forget to comment, leave questions or tell me your favourite Forever Living product. Also, head over to @TahneeBlog, Tahnee’s Blog on Facebook AND tahnees_blog on #Insta and let me know what you think of the Forever range or what products you swear by! You can also check out all my other skin car post by clicking here if this isn’t what you needed.

Until next time my lovelies!

Lots of Love



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  1. Sounds fab! I really want to try the face scrub so I’ll be sorting that out soon, thank you for today’s blog! Was great looking forward to the next 🙂 xxx

    1. I have a face scrub you can try if you want. I can drop it to you this week.

      1. Ah tahnee im rubbish with this stuff! It’s Sam snd j run my own business retailing forever living products and helping others build a business of their own 😀

  2. Thanks hun! Glad you read it 😉 you revising for your quiz lol! No seriously glad you liked it hun and the face scrub is AWESOME I do suggest trying it xxxx

  3. thanks for letting me becky and I’ll let kerry know about your offer sam 🙂 xxxxx

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