Black dead seaweed facemask

7th Heaven Black Seaweed Mask

Did you have a good weekend? I did, nice and relaxing but productive. But now a more important question…….Do you love a good face mask???? I have to admit I love a good excuse for

7th heaven seaweed face masks

Did you have a good weekend? I did, nice and relaxing but productive. But now a more important question…….Do you love a good face mask???? I have to admit I love a good excuse for one but where to start? What’s the best one for you? Maybe the 7th Heaven seaweed face mask would be perfect for you?

There is a brilliant quiz at prokerala where you only have to answer 8 questions to give you a rough idea of your skin type, Mine being combination. Going from this you’ll be able to choose the right mask for you.

So on with the show…….

So today I am reviewing the 7th heaven Black Seaweed Peel-off face mask. I need this mask at the moment as the winter months have left my skin flaky but oily. This type of mask will help best at putting moisture back in the dry flaky parts and also help peel-off and dry out excess oil.

It’s worth noting my regular skin care revolves around the T-zone range and I started by exfoliating with there product. This will leaveyour skin clean and your pores open. It will also help with spots as Tea Tree oil is a natural anti-bacterial.

The packet was easy to open and I found it to be scent free when on your face, it also wasn’t to strong it makes your eyes water from fumes #Ouch!

I apply my face masks with a clean make up brush as I find touching your clean face, open pores and all, with dirty hands is best to be avoided. But the product applied well and evenly and felt nice on my skin.

7th heaven facemask review

Leaving it on for twenty minutes, as advised on the packet, I usually utilise this time to paint my nails. I would say they never give the right time on the packet and I end up flapping my face like Grandma at church!! However about 30 minutes should do it for this mask. It felt nice and tight at the end but not like some one was giving me an unexpected face lift.

Peeling the mask off I expected the usually feeling of having a beard waxed off 🙁 However it came off in nearly one piece and after a quick cleanse and tone again with the T-zone cleanser and toner It was off.

Overall application was quick easy however I do have one negative. You NEED to do this in the bathroom as the packet is tear off top. This leaves room for dripping and it did…….on my cream sheets…… BLACK face mask #BadTimes!

the best skin care face mask

I finished off with, again, the T-zone moisturiser and that was it and………

OMG the results are amazing! My skin instantly looked cleaner, clearer with smaller pores. Also the skin tone was much more even and I just want to stroke my own face 🙂 Even the next day I can’t wait to apply my make up as you know when you know your skins good? My skin feels like the make up will apply well as its soft and moisterised. I will be doing another one of these in a weeks time (never over mask as due to spots and skin irritation) just because I feel my skin would benefit from another.

Definitely recommend trying this mask very luxurious and leaves skin feeling wonderful. Also for guys I found if your suffer with excess forehead oil go for this or pinch a bit of the one you buy your girl lol!!

face masks for Great skin 7th heaven

Well that’s all for today’s blogs my loves. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed trying it out. I also have a few blogs in the pipelines so please keep fingers crossed me guys!

Until next time (thursday……it will be thursday)
Lots of Love

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